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Dont Come Back 'Ya Hear'

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Sooooo, its been almost 2 weeks since we have seen SS- thank you BM.
My life has improved significantly- my stress levels. SO sent SD a text earlier in the week telling her we would pick up SS at some point this weekend no response yet. I am hoping and I mean I am REALLY REALLY Hoping that SS does not come back to live with us. It was like living with BM for 5 months, he cant quite cut off the umbilical cord to her- even though she dumped him off in a parking lot aug 2017, was told to call a shelter and he cant live with her or his sister. He would call BM every day telling her things, its those mini spy shit happening again.

Most of his things are here, his games and other gadgets and stuff...I hate living in fear wondering what the next move is.

I can only imagine, BM as predicted- fuck I am like a psychic, has manipulated SS to living with her to prolong CS. Will her evil ploy work? Time will only tell.
I did tell SO that if he leaves I cannot handle him coming back here, as the kid literally did nothing but lied in bed and would not get up to go to school, the only time he would get up was to see his now ex gf or bm/his sister. She

I know that past behaviour predicts future behaviour and that means him living with us for the rest of our lives doing nothing but mooching off of us. And BM will always be in the picture as I have said, he cannot cut off the strings. Surprisingly, but who knows until your actually in the situation SO agrees with me, he does not want him back either, he just doesn't want the conversation when he tells SS that he cant come here and maybe he is trying to appease me- which I get.
This may sound selfish and I feel bad for admitting this but I cannot handle SOs situation with his kids, it gives me anxiety, tightness in my chest and other ill feelings. But I tried to make it work but it just isn't working.

I know I have my daughter living with me who isn't his, and why is it okay for her to stay but not SS? I have said this to SO as well. Mainly because my daughter is younger and I have never PASd her like SS mother has done to him.

Again- really hopeful I can continue living a stress free life with SO dealing with his kids outside of the house.

Good Luck to All.


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Good luck. I hope it works out in your favor. Its so hard to blend families when you don't even want to be around the skids.