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So SS13 is wayyyyyy behind in school. Progress report was the F's, a D, and a couple of B-'s in electives. SO spoke to all teachers and made arrangements for him to bring home a grade check each Monday. Bringing it home on Mondays means we will get to see them each week, since we do the switch off with BM on Mondays at 7pm.

The first Monday he's due to bring one home, he calls and says he's going to stay one more night with BM, because he didn't get to spend much time with her since he was at sleepovers all weekend. Righty-O LOL

Tuesday night he calls at 7pm and says he'll be home late, because they are eating late and then going to watch a movie. Uh huh, he's hoping to waltz in after we're in bed so that he won't have to discuss the weekly grade check. Or, the paperwork his counselor gave regarding school funded tutoring.

You see, his dad spoke with the school that day, and found out that the grade check was really bad. He hadn't turned in anything during the week with his mom, nor had he done anything in class. They offered to send him for district funded tutoring, and said were sent the paperwork home with him Tuesday afternoon. I think that little shit thought he'd be able to hide it and we'd be non the wiser!

So for the last two night when I get home, his dad is making him do homework. Yay! But, he's letting him sit at the kitchen counter to do it. Nay! He's totally invading our space, with his crap spread out all over the counter while SO's cooking dinner (I don't cook for skids). We can't talk w/o him butting in, I can't use my laptop there without him craning his neck to see what I'm doing. He can't manage to do a single page w/o asking for help. His form of help in getting one of us to give him the answer. Right now he's working on a vocabulary page, with a list of words on one side, and definitions on the other. He can't even manage that! I've told him twice to get a dictionary to look up the words if he really doesn't know them (all of them are easy and he SHOULD know them), but he just ignored me. I told him a second time, and his response was,"But my Dad said he would help me!"

So here I sit in another room, fuming. I'm so sick of this kid, and the way his father only half-assed tries to parent him. He needs to be made to sit as his desk when doing his homework. He needs to be made to do the work required to complete the homework, so he'll actually LEARN something. But no, SO just wants to make sure he gets them done and turned in. For the grade, not the education Sad


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OMG…Girl…..I know what you are going through.

When Stink was in elementary school, BM had her BBF as the secondary contact. WE received NOTHING from the school. BM and kid kept on telling us, he was getting great grade, the report already was signed and returned. Things began not adding up, DH requested a meeting with the teachers and principal. The school admin were douche bags, because BM put down on the school records she was the sole parent….the school would not release ANYTHING to DH nor would they schedule an appointment for DH. We had to get the attorney to start firing off law suit threat letters to the school, the district and the state. The school finally granted us an appointment. He was in 6th grade, this was the end of the 2nd marking period we were told he was on the “retention list”….they were planning to keep him back. He was getting D’s and F’s. The one teacher told us…..a few times a week BM would drop all his work off for him…they kept on telling her hold the kid the accountable for it….she refused. She was doing a lot of his work….she is a frigging box of rocks. We went to court, just a few weeks after finding this us. That was went we were granted the horrible 5-2-5. His grades went up but on the days he was at BM’s….he didn’t submit his homework and he failed the tests. We got him by so his wasn’t retained. It’s just such bullshit…the kid tests out in the top 2% of the school….he just a lazy little turd.

My DH did exactly what your DH is doing now. Same exact thing went on here. The HW all over the kitchen, every 5 seconds a stupid ass question came out of the kid’s mouth…”If there is a Sunday, why isn’t there a Moonday”…..SMACK. It made me want to puke. Then of course there was stomping and slamming. We couldn’t watch TV because the kid fussed so much…..something that should have taken 15 minutes was a 3 hour ordeal.

BUT every frigging year the kid pulls a stunt, where he slacks and gets D’s and F’s. This was the first thing I gave caring about. When I picked up the kid after school, I would ask if he had homework or studying….he never had either according to him. These were the first lies I got sick of. I stopped…..I don’t care.

I have a rough two days……I’m done…hands washed of Stink. I just can’t deal with him anymore. I’m beyond sick of him. DH is like totally on my shit list over this kid too.

Looking back…..I wish I put him at the table in the garage.

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Looking back…..I wish I put him at the table in the garage.

That would be perfect! But then he'd be down there unsupervised and with tools. Imagine the damage he could do :jawdrop:

We have an "office" that I setup for skids with a large L-shaped desk and computer. He has plenty of room to spread out there, and it's easily accessible for him to come out and ask questions. But he won't make to him do it there. He's also got a desk in his room, but of course that's always buried it crap.

One of the things that bugs me is that instead of being punished for his poor effort at school, he's being babied. "Poor baby is getting bad grades." Well, hello??? It's because he won't do his work! Then when you sit there and do it for him, he's not learning anything, so he can't possibly do well on tests and quizzes.

All this is really going to make school a struggle for him. He's not going to be able to cut it, and isn't going to be happy there. He'll end up dropping out just like other three siblings Sad

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1 time ss had a project due 10 minutes ago, and dw ask me to help her help him, we worked on it for 4 hours, I was so tired I was yawning, all he did was complain in argue with his mother through the whole thing, I am still traumatized,lol!!!, I don't think I will ever get over that, Blum 3

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This is why I completely walk away from these things. I will not help SS with any school work, he knows why, and knows not to ask.