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What do the abbreviations mean on here?

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I am trying to learn what the abbreviations on here mean....can anyone please help.
Some of them I think I get correct me if I am wrong....

SD - Step daughter
SS - Step son
MIL - Mother in Law
BM - Bio mom
SO - Significant other

but what are all the others I have seen though out

DH - FDH - FSD - to name a few


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DH= dear husband
FDH= Future Dear Husband
FSD= I believe to be future step daughter but I could be wrong on this one...

I also use

CP= Custodial Parent
NCP= Non Custodial parent
DS= Dear Son
DD= Dear Daughter
SGS= step grandson
BD= bio dad
BF= boyfriend
BFF= best friend
SIL= sister in law