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I'm starting to hate Mother's Day

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It seems like the last few years, right before Mother's Day, the tension in my house is so unbelievably tense that I tell my DH not to get me a damn thing for Mother's Day. I have two grown children who do not live with us. I am the mean horrible step mother to his SS17 & SD14. I've tried to get them to comply to rules and all I've gotten from DH is how I treat his kids like crap. Not that it matters that I've been treated like crap since I got here.

Over a month ago, I told my DH something I found out about SS17 and maybe I should just let him live in his happy world of denial cause all it seems to do is bite me in the butt. I found out due to reading SS17 text messages that it appeared he and his girlfriend skipped school one day and had sex. After he "talked" to his son, he believed him. In my opinion, I had overwhelming evidence but I felt like what I said didn't matter. Looking back, it hasn't mattered for years. So, recently, I found not evidence but PROOF that SS17 and his girlfriend did indeed have sex when I thought they did. DH confronted him yet again and he admitted it this time.

Am I wrong to think that I deserve a damn apology because he didn't believe ME, his wife, the first damn time? Yet, DH and I are barely speaking and the tension in this house is pretty high.

Happy F'ng Mother's Day to me!!!!


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Oh yeah, I know that scenario all too well. I used to get "why do you go LOOKING for something wrong with SS"! Ummm.... It's called parenting, if you pay the slightest amount of attention, you see things. Sorry you skid sucks, you are owed an apology!