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Step Daughter

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A few months back, my step daughter blocked me from instagram, She is getting married in october and is knitting the things for it.I run a Christian instagram and the name is God Loves Schlubs. I think she does not like the name, she has taken pictures of my cats before and tagged me, but since I change the name she doesnt, and now im blocked. I run instagram for my church too, so i can use their account and "check up on her" but overall, i really dont care for instagram, so I deleted my account. I think she is so immature. But I do think it was better in the long run because she shares a lot more pictures now. I try to keep her dad updated. I do think that she has a plan in the future to cut her dad off completely. She knows that her allowance from daddy is going to go and now we have also been living in different states for a long time. I think she feels abandoned by her dad which is really stupid since she has been receiving an allowance since she was a kid and still does at 27. She DOES NOT work, or go to school. She is a lazy bum that knits and plays video games. I just can't wait till she gets married.


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I'm stuck on the "knitting things for the wedding" thing. What kinds of things?

I know one stitch. I can do it. I'm slow, but I can do it without dropping too many stitches. I make really, really, really long scarves. That's it. The local homeless shelter benefits since I knit several each year to give, and then I gift my family with a few, but I'll bet they wind up at the same place.

My instagram has 2 photos. I'm not terribly interesting.

Why are you following instead of DH? DH is obviously benefiting somehow from giving her $$ --- have you figured that one out? I'm not so certain that getting married will change your dynamic.

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Do not get us started with ideas for items which could be knit for a wedding. Wicked mind, since I'm Catholic.

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Why do I have to point out the obvious to an alleged "christian"? Using your churches instagram account to troll your SD is wrong. It's cheating. It's lying. It's stealing.

She's 27. Why are you even bothering with her?

She's blocked you. Take the hint and move on with your life. Whatever happens between your SD and your H is going to happen, regardless of your daily spying reports. You can lie to yourself all you want that you're protecting your H and your interests. But the truth of the matter is you're addicted to the drama she created in your life.

Go cold turkey and as what's her face said in that movie....let it go.

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Lol. I forgot I wrote on this thing. Things are better now. I'm no longer running Instagram for my church, because we have moved on to using Facebook and being active on there. My step daughter is married, happy and still not working. Dad no longer gives her an allowance. We do help out from time to time tho. Some of you made some pretty nasty comments. She's actually quite gifted at knitting. She's won first place in the state Fair twice. I love instagram now. I'm quite active and have gained quite a following. My husband is also on Instagram. I was checking up on her because my husband was keeping secrets between her and me. But this is all resolved now. If I don't answer you all, I've probably forgotten all about this forum. It is no longer necessary for me to have support. I'm not a step mom. I'm the lady who married the daughter's father.