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Product Recall: MagneBlocks Magnetic Construction Toys

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Product Recall: MagneBlocks Magnetic Construction Toys - Geometix International LLC, of Brookfield, Connecticut, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their MagneBlocks Magnetic Construction Toys. The tiny magnets inside the building pieces can fall out and, if you've been reading Blogging Baby much at all, you know how much that terrifies me. If a child swallows two or more magnets, they can attract each other inside the intestinal tract causing perforations and blockages, which can be fatal. Luckily, although there has been one incident where a magnet became loose, no injuries have been reported.

All MagneBlocks construction sets are included in the recall. These sets contain six or more plastic building pieces of various colors, in the shape of cubes and three-, four-, and five-sided pyramids. (Although how you can have a three-sided, pyramid is beyond me; in my universe, you need at least four sides.) The building pieces have "MagneBlocks" imprinted on them. These sets were sold at discount department and toy stores, web sites, and other toy and arts and crafts stores nationwide. The set in the recall were sold between January 2004 and November 2006 for anywhere from $20 to $120. Sets currently available have improved warning labels. The CPSC recommends that children under six years old do not play with toys containing magnets. Personally, I would go even further to say that if you've got small kids, don't have magnets in the house at all, but that's just me. If a magnet comes out of one of the blocks in these sets, immediately remove the block (and, presumably, the magnet as well) and send it to Geometix for a free replacement block. For more information, contact Geometix International at (866) 775-0265 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the firm's Web site. Read [BloggingBaby News]

Did anyone buy these for Christmas?