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I hate it when ex acts like we are stupid !!

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On Tuesday DH emails his ex that I am having ultrasound to determine baby's sex on such and such date. He tells her ( not asks, yeah him!) that he will be taking boys out of school at noon that day to go. She has known for weeks and agreed that the boys could go with for this. They are excited & tell everyone that they are going. Today she emails DH & says I am totally okay with the boys going ( duh and BTW she responded back yesterday with an okay) but did you make sure that the ultrasound place will allow the boys in the room. Because she would hate for DH to miss seeing the baby because he had to sit outside the room with the boys.

WTF! First off the oldest is 9 & they could sit outside the room if need be... they are very good boys. Secondly my DR is totally cool with this & we are driving seperately because my appt is afterwards.

DH responded back with a yes & joked that some people allow the kids in the birthing room but that he draws a line there. She responds back good because otherwise she would do it for him.

She can drag them all over the country, do whatever she wants & rules she has for us don't apply to her.

Maybe I am hormonally sensative... I know I am very sensative about anything regarding my baby. Just because this is a second marriage does not mean my baby is any less of a joy than the first two. This baby is a miracle for me, I have been through a lot to have it and to be honest didn't think I would ever get pregnant again.

She has been pretty nice about it so far, but today irritated me. I am the one who did the freakin research on her son's braces that she didn't regarding insurance, she screwed up the daycare thing so we owe some additional money from last November, spoke with someone about getting ideas to help 6 y/o with his behavior issues at school when she just wanted to ignore it... you don't think I would make sure the boys could be there before promising them they could.

She always acts so superior. Having given birth does not make you any smarter than those of us that have not been able to. Or does that mean this summer my IQ will soar? LOL

Thanks for letting a crazy, old, and tired pregnant lady bitch. Smile


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It's the other way around. The more kids you have, the fewer the brain cells. I don't know if I'll ever get through third grade math. Sigh.

~ Anne ~

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we get that alot too, she emails us like we are stupid or something....we just laugh about it case we feel sorry for her than being angry because she needs to get over her bitterness and insecurities, jealously and she needs to get a life. it's been 7 yrs now but yet still the same... maybe cause she still hasn't found that special someone...who would want to be w/her she is demanding and controlling with high expectations and a show off but broke like hell. just laugh about it and you'll feel better, better yet don't respond back to the email at all. goodluck on your new born & congratulation!

-happy mom

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We live 45 minutes each way from BM (Thank You GOD!)Far enough but still close enough. My SS takes about 3-4 meds daily. Keep in mind he is 11 and DH and BM have been divorced for now 5 years, and SS has ALWAYS taken these MEDS since birth. Just giving you background that THIS ISN't NEW.
So upon DROPPING SS and SD back off to mom's, DH and I have this GAME, we bet how long it will we be b4 D.A. (DUMB A**) calls us. I have pretty much won every time. So on this one return trip back home, it was exactly 8 seconds of dropping kids off at the door and RING RING, here is the is so funny.

DH: Yeah?
BM: (he has her on speaker) Oh gosh yall are going to be soooooo mad
DH: OK whay are we going to be mad?
BM: YALLLLLLLLLLL (can u hear her dragging this 1 word out?) Forgot SS meds at your (funny how our house becomes just my DH's house) your house!
I Look at DH and just laugh, because prior ot us LEAVING our home, because we believe in responsiblity, after all my SS is 11, so I think he is capable of being TOLD and REMINDED to do something. At our house I told DH, watch she will call us instead of ASKING her OWN DAMN KID (not cursing the kid, cursing the action, I don't curse KIDS)who is 2 ft from her about his medicine, because she assumes WE DONT KNOW HOW TO PARENT. Funny the meds have never NOT been returned BACK to BM, but they sure as hell have NOT arrived with SS for our visit (something to say hmmmmmm about)

so the convo continues...
DH: You know you could have saved yourself a phone call!
BM: Hmmmm, what do you mean?
DH: Have you even said hello to your kids? I ask this because if you had a conversation with them, SS would tell you his MEDS are in his Backpack, that He and I packed together B4 we even left.
BM: Well F...U. 2

Why such harsh language?
I told you it was funny.

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