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Really younger Skid......really ????

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Grrrr..... I am a little bit pi** ed off with the younger skid now..... As I've mentioned before the younger skid18 has not caused as many problems, kind of spent their childhood being overshadowed by sd21 and the golden throne of entitlement she sat upon. Not overly bright, but harmless and happy, if that makes sense...... A normalish kid if that makes sense. Dropped out of school, last year, not making the grade, and since then has been looking for work, etc, etc. DH is still paying CS and will be until the end of the year, when skid is 19 !!! Long story, but as we are in a different country DH doesn't like to rock the boat and is happy to pay for his kids, blah, blah..... Still paying for sd21 until next year......
Anyway, saw Yskid has been calling DH a lousy Dad on the Internet.... Why now....just before we go to visit them ?? Great timing, eh ??? At the weekend DH was chatting away to this skid and they were happy and fine. Now I hate to think what is being said behind Dh's back, not that he cares, of course !!! Yskid still lives with the BM in a rough area , I think what is finally surfacing is what I have seen talked about on here....PASsing out ?? DH just shrugs it off saying BM is jealous of us and our life, as she really has just stagnated for like 17 years since they split, same town, same rough area, deadend job, debt, etc, etc.
I thought PASsing out was done to young skids , so I guess if this is how the younger skid feels, it's been going on for years...... ???
Also, I just don't know if I should approach DH with this news ?? I really don't want to go there, we struggled with sd21 and these issues, and I really think Dh would rather just stick his fingers in his ears, going kids are perfect, what I don't know doesn't matter, and can't be real....lalala !!!
What he doesn't understand is that I HATE this two facedness that goes on.... DH's money is fine, expected for forever, while skids do nothing in return, not even keep in contact with him, maybe six times per year ?? Why is it that the money, paying for flights, and holidays, shopping sprees, etc, are respected but not DH ???? WTF ?

Sorry for the long vent.......


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BM just doesn't care about anything but herself, minimum education, and now dead end job, with sooo much debt, living in a housing association house in a rough area. So I can only guess what she spews out to them about DH !!!

What was even more ironic, after younger skid's comments, he posts up some photos ...... It was a trip DH and I took him on, paid for his flights and everything, loads of days out and treats.....this was before I disengaged..... Yep that is one LOUSY Dad you got there kid !!!