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Wierd or sweet?

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Do you think it is wierd or sweet that a man would give his son on his 18th birthday a card with an old key and a note saying, no matter where you are in your life, you will always have the key to my heart.

Note they are not very close. 


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Kinda weird, honestly. I would say that's more for a daughter if anything.

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Indifferent, actually.
Parents and kids have their own dynamics - hard to judge from the outside.

(Although, if they arent particularly close, it is a tad manipulative on the sentiment side. Cynically I would guess it is  probably done more to show others what a great guy he is than a follow through on any genuine feelings. Action means more than words to me.) 

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From reading what you wrote yes it does sound a little odd. But I will say this we don't really know if their is a special meaning behind that. It could be something between a father and son, I know that some parents feel that when a child turns 18 it is time they become an adult. This father could be feeling melancholy that all the childhood years have past.

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I think it's a bit weird. Seems almost a bit romanticish in nature to me. So unless maybe it's some inside memory or something they share? I'm not completely sure what I think. I guess the best question is though, how did the son receive it? Was he flattered or was he weirded out?

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The two are not close, son thinks his dad is a phoney and they go months without seeing each other. Dad rarely calls and occasionally texts. Expects the son to do all the drtiving.

There is no special meaning for the two of them.

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Just from what you said I will have to side with the previous comment.  I'd say SS nailed it.  Dad is phony.  The card and key says it all

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If so... why are you letting this take up space in your head????

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When this was shared with me, I was trying to decide if I was just jaded.

This really does not have to do with taking space... also under that train of thought it would apply to all of us.



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Who cares what he does with his son that's not your son. You know he's phony. Sounds like the kids knows too.

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I asked if it was wierd, did I say I was upset. Why the need to make my posing this question to make it into something it is not.