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BM is an Labor and Delivery Nurse and always....


Ex wife is a Labor and Delivery Nurse and she has a 2 year old with my fiance. Now I have 5 kids and one on the way. My oldest is 7. I am not proclaiming that I know EVERYTHING about raising a child and what a child needs medically, but I am no idiot. Now when ever there child has diarrhea, she always gives her chocolate milk. I find this very wrong. Ii told her that she is not suppose to do that. No milk, especially chocolate milk. Now i was told that chocolate is a natural laxative anyways. So that wont help with diarrhea. I told her she needs to give her pedialyte. Then she points to her badge. WTF? Just because she helps deliver babies doesnt mean she is a pediatrician. I think she may do it on purpose. Not to mention she is constantly blaming us for diaper rashes, blisters and anything else that she can come up with. Does anyone else have a ex wife that constantly throws her profession in your face? I mean, all of a sudden she gives birth and now she can "educate" me on how to deal with a child. I do not see where she gets off telling me my wrongs. Just because she has a badge.


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lmao - yeah, my Ex BB is a certified nursing assiant - bi-polar and narcasisstic. the kids go to the doc constantly as does she for attn but now yes, its worse!!!!!
I like to thrown mine in her face too, lol, i am a paralegal - so, not knocking her job but, i can do her more damage than good. I prepare, docuemnt and try to analyze my opponents next move Smile


oh yeah, well ex wife is a hypochondriac, Every sniffle for the two year old and she is off to the emergency room. I am not knocking her profession either but i find it quite disturbing she thinks i know nothing. I think she feels more like a mother if she is at the doctors for her daughter since she sleeps all day(works graveyard shift).

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All through our various court skirmishes with my husband's ex-wife, she would constantly remind us that she works in a law firm and, as she was so fond of telling us, "you have no clue." Yeah. She's a real estate paralegal. Big whooping deal. She's the one who had no clue, as we were the ones who won in court. Guess she should've asked what I did for a living before I married her ex-husband, huh?!

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therefore she knows as much as a doctor. Wears her scrubs wherever she goes...all the time whether it's an hour after she's left work or four. I actually can't remember the last time I saw her without them on during the work week.

I know this may sound crazy but when I have diarrhea, chocolate milk HELPS my sour stomach as well. But my "loose" situations are always nerve induced therfore milk helps calm this. Maybe your ingenious BM is just misinformed. you have 5 with one on the way and the oldest is 7, when's the last time you WEREN'T pregnant?!?! Geez! I have two bio kids and they keep me more than busy, I can't imagine 6!

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Your so funny. The last time I WASNT pregnant was BEFORE i got married at 19. Yeah, so the last 7 years of my life has been baby making. Smile This is sooo my last and I think i contributed to the world enough. Ii always wanted a big family. I just wish I new how there dad would end up.

You are right about the scrubs part. She even goes shopping in them. I guess to announce to the world so that she may feel "important". She is a little heavy so maybe its more comfortable for her. Thats fine with me because scrubs dont show off much skin and i never have to worry about it when my fiance picks up his daughter from her.

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Yeah, our BM was a nurses aid in a nursing home....for all of a couple months (uncertified) and she acts like she's a qualified M.D.
Just ask her, she'll tell ya Smile

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Evidently, RN means you know more than dieticians or MDs do Smile We have this problem all the time. I will say that as a surgical assistant I know a lot....but what I know the best is that sometimes the smarter person says, "Hmmmm...I'm not sure. Let me call the Dr on that one." Wink

These BM's don't ever seem to consult another medical opinion. SD's BM has gone as far as to tell SD, "I don't have to do what your dad tells me." When SD told her the pediatrician told her to stop taking OTC meds daily. Any authoritative figure magically is speaking on behalf of DH apparently.

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My mil is a nurse practitioner specialized in pediatrics and DH ex-wife is a nurse . MIL use to drive me crazy when my ss was sick she would call every four hrs or whenever it was time to give him meds , just to make sure I gave him the right dose and at the right time etc. what she was really doing is trying to control me in every aspect of my life. Finally I told her I have 2 kids of my own and have manage to raise them without her help and didnt need it now. As for BM she is a nurse and will call me to ask what to do when ss "that DH and I have custody of" gets sick .She would do this because she didnt want to have to take care of him if he was at her house for visits and would call me to come get him.

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and therefore thinks she's a lawyer.

She thinks she knows everything about the law, and it's so ridiculous. Like, when my car got hit by my neighbor, she was telling me this and that like she knew everything.

"I would know. I work in a legal office."

Yeah, okay. So I work at a hospital. Does that mean I'm qualified to diagnose a patient? Hell no.

These women are so stupid.