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Dealing with a try-hard...

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SD9 is the most phony kid I've ever known in my life. Her own father refers to her as a try-hard and admits that she is a huge ass kisser (during conversations that are solely between us). It's difficult to know when she is actually being genuine because she is constantly putting on a show for her audience. She has been grounded for the last few days and she has kissed me and said "I love you" a million times. She also likes to make my SO feel special by asking him questions and acting like she cares about what he's saying (literally only acts that way when she's in trouble). Unfortunately, it works. Her father is a complete sucker, and I hate it so much. SD knows how to act and what to say to manipulate people in any situation. She talks badly about many of SO's relatives, but when they give her money or gifts, then it's "I love you! I miss you!" in homemade cards followed by more smack talking behind their backs. She likes to smile and act angelic for compliments and praise. I have never seen another human being who says exactly what their audience wants to hear every single time. She is a big-time liar and her father doesn't pay enough attention to catch her, but I do. Happened again this morning. She acted sooo sweet and sooo thankful for the lunch that I made everyone and then she wrapped it in a napkin and tried to sneakily throw it away. I wish that she would just be blatantly rude and real about shit instead of putting up such a front ALL the time. You would think that it would get exhausting being so fake all the time. It's exhausting enough just having to watch it.


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OMG. One of YSDs old friends was like this, I called her TF for troublesome friend. She was sneaky and also learned to steal things like sweet treats and little craft things of YSDs. Very glad they are no longer friends. I saw right through her and kept an eye on her and she knew it.

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I'm glad that you were able to see right through her! I'm that way with SD9. My SO can see it more as time goes on, but he's often in denial and also partly blinded by their shared DNA.

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I would call her little snaky ass out when no one is around. Then, when she tries to say something to dear ole Dad, I would lie about it and act surprised. Might as well, since that seems to be the game playing out in her mind. Beat her at her own game and make up some mess that there are hidden cameras watching and etc. Put the scared ya tic in her Lolol. 


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Oh, I call her out in front of her father! I actually took your advice and said that I ordered multiple nanny cams to hide around the house. LOL!

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Would refer to as an "Eddie Haskell ". 
So very polite and kind to your face... but a sneaky jerk behind your back! 

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You just perfectly summed up my step brat, there. Every group of people is her audience and she will adjust her behaviour accordingly to lap up as much attention and praise as possible. She's the champion of trash talking people behind their backs, but when she's with them they're suddenly the best person ever and she loves them so much.

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Yes, yes, yes! You definitely know how I feel. I hope, for your sake, that you don't have yours full-time. It's awful!