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BM caught in a the most awkward way possible

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SSs are on DH's insurance. Today, we get a notice from the insurance company asking us to provide them more information on an injury that "could have been caused by an accident."

Apparently, on April 20th, one SS went to a hospital 20 miles from his home to get treatment for an"unspecified injury of external genitals, inital encounter." Um, what?! 

This was in the middle of our "stay at home order" when DH was not using his visitation and BM was insisting he was being ridiculous because SSs were just "staying at home". SSs also told DH that they weren't leaving the house ever. 

Guess SS should have been more careful when he out and about when he was supposed to be staying at home...also, wth was he doing?!!


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How old is SS?

maybe a mask bondage fetish~did he tie the mask on his lil buddy too tight or something? party of one....


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It came to our attention because DH's insurance company is requesting more information. Health insurance typically does not pay for things that were caused by accidents, because they assume other insurance should be paying for it. 

So, DH will have to get details from BM...or she will have to pay the full cost. 

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That injury could have happened in the house or yard.  The only obvious lie about not leaving the house was the hospital trip.

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It's more the fact that he was at a hospital several towns away, which is also smaller than the hospital closest to his home. There would be no reason for him to go to that hospital if he was home. This is a kid who is always "injured" (but never actually injured) and he typically goes to the same emergency room...the one about 10 minutes from his house. This emergency room is 40 minutes from his home. 

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OK, I'm going to give BM the benefit of the doubt, though she probably doesn't deserve it - maybe she went to a smaller hospital to avoid COVID?

He could have hurt his willy doing boy things.

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The hospital near BM's house is not big by any means...also there is less COVID closer to their home than there is at the other hospital (which is closer to DH and I).