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Disney dad spotted

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Disney dad spotted at the Disney store, more more more


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There was a dad, a little girl about 4 and a SM. these are strangers to me, but I often heard the little girl say daddy daddy daddy,she called the woman by her first name. This is the scene, they are walking through the Disney store, the girl is hanging on daddy. The SM is about a good 1-2 feet away, carrying all the shopping bags. The SM is showing the girl multiple multiple toys, trying to find one she likes. The girl is becoming increasingly vocal and displeased at all the SM is showing her. The SM attempts to talk to the dad about what toys she might like. The girl talks over the SM and interrupts her, the SM keeps talking . The girl talks louder over the SM til finally the SM shuts up. Dad is just passively watching the girl be catered too. A Disney employee attempts to help. The girl is also loud and vocal and displeased with all the Disney employees selections. Possibly dad is embarrassed, because he suggests going to get the girl something at McDonald's . They all 3 leave the Disney store.

Vrs my son, 3 years old. A normal boy just happy to be in the Disney store and keeping himself occupied looking at all the toys. Just me and my son no drama.

Vrs this woman carrying all the shopping bags, attempting to please a 4 year old, and essentially being told to shut her mouth by a 4 year old and complying. And a dad who is happy to sit back and watch his wife jump through hoops like a servant or worse.

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"....JUST ME AND MY SON...."

LOLOL. That may be ONE reason why the two kids were acting so differently.

I went two the Times Square Disney Store two nights before our spring break trip to Disney World. As usual the place was a mad house. Loud, excited, are pretty much the norm there.

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To be fair, my son goes to the Disney store often, it's about 3 minutes from the house. There are always plenty of loud, demanding, excited kids. Of course, it's a child in a Disney store. This child stood out, it was different. And another level.

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SM made the choice to be the pack mule and to be treated like that. She could have made different choices.

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Probably. But I think the honeymoon phase may be coming to an end. She looked absolutely miserable

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I've been there years and years ago, nothing I did was good enough , so I backed off so they could have their precious visitation. SD needed constant attention. H would lock himself in the bathroom for an hour to an hour and a half, regularly. Just to get away from her. She would be at the door every 5 minutes, or more often. Daddy daddy. Or he'd have to clean the garage. It's a 1.5 car garage, it doesn't need hours of cleaning every weekend.

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^^^Please tell me you are lying!^^^^
BM suggested the same thing about me!!! She TRULY told DH, that the SKIDS said, that every time they came over, UFR was there and that they didn't have any special time with their Dad. So Bm suggested to DH that maybe I shouldn't be there when they came over. Hmmmm….Wait, so I should leave the house, that DH and I purchased together, the house that I keep clean, decorate and pay 50% of the bills in, so that skids can run me out EOW?

Eventually, I took BM's suggestion and for an entire year, every time skids came over, I magically had plans. I would take BS and leave Dh with his kids. EVERYONE, including Skids noticed and NOBODY, including Skids liked it.

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I've been there too. It lasted about a year. She got more attention from me than my own kids. I rationed it away that it was only for about a 24-30 hour period of time every week. It was all attention, kindness, catering. Because I believed my H bullshit that she was so traumatized from the divorce. And her mother didn't pay her enough attention at home. But it was never never good enough.

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You done saw you a real life Veruca Salt ~ said grandma from Beverly Hill Billies Voice !!!

Why in tarnation is the SM not included ~ whoever posted she shouldn't b there is delusional.

Little freakin brat ~ start disciplining them early ~ own her actions. Who in the world want to be around that jackass kid !!!