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Asking for prayers today

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The woman killed in this story was the daughter of a friend of mine. She has court this morning at 10am to determine custody of her 2 granddaughters. The custody arrangement with the mother & father was the oldest being with the mother & the youngest being with the father. Since this incident, the oldest has been in the custody of my friend & the youngest has been in the custody of the father's parents. My friend is trying to get custody of both girls so that they can grow up together.


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Even if they argue that the grandparents didn't kill her, I feel very strongly that these sisters need the support of each other. They've lost both of their parents & need to be able to feel safe together. The last thing they need is to feel alone.

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Lots of prayers & sympathy to you, your friend & her granddaughters. I can't imagine what they're going through.

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what a sad story. Prayers for everyone involved. Those poor little girls. Parents sometimes do senseless acts and dont think about the repercussions. Good luck to your friend.

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When the recordings of all of the calls were released, there was a huge uproar regarding the police chief's judgement & the way he handled it (or didn't). I feel quite confident he won't make it into office for another round, but he denies any neglegence...POS.

It isn't the first time issues have reached the public eye with him. I feel certain there will be a lawsuit for his neglegence somewhere down the road. Since the shooting, the focus has been on the kids & getting them into a stable & healthy envrionment so that they can pick up the pieces & begin their healing.

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Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers. I truly hope that this judge will focus on the children & give honest consideration to their needs rather than trying to do what's "fair" for the grandparents. It seems that that's where the judges often fail. The needs of the children seem to get lost because what's "fair" by the parents takes precedence.

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I haven't been able to talk to her. I know they were still in the courtroom at 4:45pm yesterday afternoon. There is no "victory" post on FB, so I'm not sure. I thought about calling last night to find out, but I know she had family traveling to be here for it & I didn't want to interrupt their time to ask. I'm hoping someone will post something today.