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Bm called DCFS!

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There's been some pretty crappy weather here past few days and we've been "lucky enough" to have 3 whole snow days from school. It hasn't been bad at all even concidering SS14 is MOST CERTAINLY under punishment for his latest stunts.Which is EXACTLTY why the absent minded piss poor xcuse 4 a mom or woman,BM,decided to 1st of all call the police to our house for a "wellness" check on her BS14 due to his actions being brought to light.Nothing became of it and the police would not take OUR report,for harrassment or her making a false report,blah blah....
so, after so many kid filled days of fun.We all decide to sleep in today,low and behold if our very first visitor of the day isn't a DCFS investigator! :jawdrop: I could not believe it!!!!I gave him a tour,turns out he spoke to SS14 back in Dec,and he(SS14) did tell us about that.and he only needed to speak to SS10 and their PCP. This so happended to be the SAME investigator that BM posted on her FB back a while back as well.Same guy and everything. (I haven't been able to print off those posts due to our funds for ink and then no one can figure out how to do it fromn fb. (dunno))He eventually let us know, he believed this report to be false and tried to tell us about what we could do to prevent future reports or harrassment. Ya,ya,we've heard it all before!.. In the long run she gets the pitty treatment. She keeps threatening us with court,she'll "never go away" and now it's a waiting game....Just wondering what little miss poor me feel sorry for me has nothing better to do with her time while she's faking disability pittiful empty headed bitch BM(I love that btw, seems how in my line of work bm means bowel movement!) is going to do next! I swear to it though,I REALLY WOULDN'T MIND IF SHE DID JUST DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!


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press ctrl+prnt screen and save a screen shot to a word document that way you can at least say, i don't have a hard copy, but do you mind me e-mailing it to you? they don't usually deny that request i've done that COUNTLESS times..i don't know how many shots of this stuff i have saved in my 5yr journal