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OT: Working with a Millennial, probably one of your skids

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Our company hired a new staff member. He's a guy in his mid 20's.  I get to work with him 1 day a week, on that day we are on our own just the two of us taking care of a house full of clients.  I'm senior staff and he's still in the training phase so needs some reminders and still has stuff to learn.  

This past weekend he comes in to work and sits on the couch with his phone for 30 mins before doing his rounds.  I reminded him that it was time to do his hourly checks. He yelled, "I KNOW!" Then I had to train him on calling a script in. Omigod, you'd think I'd just asked him for a kidney. He again yells at me, "I don't want to be trained by you.  Ms. Manager** will train me on this! Youand I don't get along!"  I was just like, WTF???  so I said, "Are you telling me you're refusing to be trained on your duties."  he again yells "NO that's not what I"m saying," and goes on a complete tirade and is threatening to call the manager on her day off because I'm trying to train him on something he needs to know.  After his little mantrum he started falling in line and did what he was supposed to with a bit of snark but sheesh!  I go to work to work, not deal with manbaby sh*t.  

I'll see miss manager later this week and want to address the issue with her but don't want to be a tattle tale or a trouble maker.  I've never had to deal with this before except with my own kids when they talk back and are brats.  

He did mention his mom had passed when he was younger and he was raised by a sm.  So who's skid is this and how in the world do I deal with him?    


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If he yelled at you, that's unacceptable. He's making it a hostile work environment. You're NOT a trouble maker in any way shape or form.

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Thank you. This is a new dynamic for me, one on one with a new inexperienced and quite immature staff.  I started working before cell phones were a thing. There was no way we could sit and play on our phones while on the clock.  Then being yelled at and gaslighted by a kid, okay grown man sorta.  Time for a file room job where I'm all by myself.  

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There are a few just hired youngsters just like this. They're basically a warm body filling the shift. Ask them to actually work and they look at you like you have two heads. I honestly don't know how people like this survive.  

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Oh lawd, we recently hired one of those on a temp basis, so you have my sympathies on dealing with IT. I refuse to work with IT.

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Thank you, yes I'd rather not work with him because it feels more like babysitting than anything but until the Powerball money comes in I'm on shift with him.  

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I'm in a similar situation - I calll him "Man-baby" because he looks like a man, but acts like a baby. This past weekend, I found out Man-baby is getting bumped up and will be in our rotation on our schedule and he'll be my partner 3 or 4 out of 5 weeks. I'm about to quit. I sooooo feeeeeeel your pain. You have every right to discuss his behaviour with his manager. Better to get this all out now than later, in my opinion. We are going to our manager this week with our concerns. Hopefully you will have some success. 

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I was working so hard at being professional and not yelling back at hiim to "Cut the manbaby sh*t!" and "Grow the heel up!."  These are the entitled coddled snowflakes that parents are finally getting tired of supporting.  

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As a manager, I say - tell your manager.  I would trust your input as a valued staff member (I assume) and address it with this new guy.

BTW, I have hired a ton of really hard-working millenials.  In their 20s, several of them married or getting married, independent and great staff members.

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Glad your company is having success. I think the problem with our is the lack of oversight and supervision. Once the initial training is done you're expected to do your job on your own.  Most resort to doing as little as possible and are on their phones for hours.  Also our company does not drug test so it attracts young stoners who need $$$ to pay for their habit.  

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Maybe it's because I work in technology, but the young adults in  my current  company are almost all total rock stars.

I compare this to my last company, where all the middle aged "lifers" did the bare minimum to get by and bitched about the young people wanting to change anything (which is why they ended up leaving) and the company wondered why they were having trouble with innovation.

Lots of good and bad in every age group.

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I'm no snowflake fan but have older lifers who refuse to work.   Our most recent promotion is a woman who is my age who knows NOTHING about computers but has MASSIVE knockers and so all the guys, including my flirtatious boss race to her aid to do her work for her.   Disgusting!

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His power got turned off for not paying his bill. He was sent two letters and it was two weeks after his last late notice. He told me he should have gotten a call, texts, emails, and letters on his door to remind him.  I said "nope . It's grown up time. It's your responsibility to know when your bills are due and to pay them" after ten minutes of his millennial crap.

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Still learning, it is not “tattling.”

1. He is creating a hostile work environment. Unacceptable. This needs to be reported. Don’t SAY he is hostile, but give details of his words, tone, volume, and actions.

2. If he gets away with this behavior, he will never learn proper work etiquette. You’re doing his future coworkers a favor.

3. Although there ARE good, hard working millennials out there, it certainly is not the majority. The more that are forced to learn workplace etiquette the better, and apparently it’s going to have to be the hard way.

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My millennial told me the other day, "I know you like to but you know you don't have to check in with me every day." Um, yes, I do. I am your manager and that's part of my job. 


To her credit she is pretty great but there's little things that are different. I had to make sure she was calling certain people at times, not just emailing. Because talking is a skill that one learns. In fact, many younger people we have hired recently have a big aversion to actually talking on the phone. We have to practice with them at first, just even basic things. 

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Hey ldvilen!

I'm not sure if you're referring to my innovation comment above, but wanted to make it clear that I wasn't saying that only young people could innovate.  That's patently untrue.  My example was just that some people who have been doing things the same way for a long time had trouble seeing new ways of doing things or didn't want to let go of their little kingdom.   It also doesn't negate the frustrating experiences many have with new to the workforce people who weren't raised with the same values and skills.

Anyway, didn't want to read too much into it but also wanted to clarify. 

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LOL I used to be a receptionist. If I never talk on the phone ever again it’ll be too soon. I’m Gen X. 

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When I was his age I would have been fired for acting even half that badly. WTF is going on?! Even ten years ago it was different.

Also, I think mid 20s is younger than Millennial?