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More SD and preggers drama... a little balance tonight!

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Oh, dear God, Imma gonna glue my ears shut.

SD19 is now maaaybe 4 months pregnant. Not showing, but that doesn't stop her from posting "baby bump" photos on FB every chance she gets.

FTR, NO, I don't stalk her FB. I rather enjoy the fact that I can be exempt from the FB drama of my steps and their idiot mother. It's beautiful, really. However, DH likes to share.

He, of course, called the little ingrates on Christmas. Now, to his credit, he wound up sending them only cards, and claimed that *if* they actually spoke with him and wished him a Merry Christmas and engaged him, he would be sending gifts/money in January. I was kinda proud of him, and amazingly, both of his kids actually talked to him.

SD's pregnancy may kill her. Just ask her. She can barely work, because she can't go more than an hour without needing to eat and feeling faint. She cannot be on her feet for more than an hour at a time, and her (fast food) employer is unhappy. (Go figure.) She whined on and on about her terrible pregnancy ailments.


Oh, and "the baby" won't let her sleep. It's kicking and moving around and keeping her up all night, every night. Huh?? At 10, MAYBE 12 weeks this is happening?

I've had my share of pregnancies, and can honestly say... I don't remember feeling kicking like that at 10-12 weeks, and if anything, it felt like little fluttery gas bubbles or something.

But, noooo.... it's keeping SD up all night, every night.

This girl is SO about drama, it's ridiculous. What's even worse is that she is getting exactly what she wants...TONS of attention.

And DH wants to share because this is grandbaby numero uno. I'm trying to listen nicely. Trying. Not necessarily succeeding, but trying.



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OMG she sounds like my freakin sister. She did nothing while she was pregnant. She quit her job (an office job) 1 week after she found out she was pregnant saying that it was too stressful.

Just wait until she posts a picture of her brand new handicap sticker, because you know being pregnant is a disability. Seriously, my sister got one. The doctor write you a note and you take it to DMV and they give you a handicap tag so you can park in the front.

I was high risk. I delivered early so it probably isn't fair for me to say I worked right up until I had DS because that makes it sound like I worked until my due date-I didn't make it that long. I did work until I delivered at 26 weeks. I went home early because I started spotting and delivered the next day. I still worked and walked on the treadmill and did prenatal yoga every day while pregnant. I still cleaned my house. My mom went to my sister's house to clean because she just couldn't do it-really?

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The earliest you can feel anything is 14 weeks apparently and that's usually with women that have had kids before do know what it feels like. Even then its definitely not kicking its more like a butterflies in the stomach. I worked to 35 weeks full time on my feet all day. God knows what she's going to be like at like 20 weeks and later. Think what she's also going to be like when the baby is born and she's having sleepless nights and no free time. She'll have something to moan about then. Just don't let her guilt trip your partner into babysitting, taking baby overnight etc...

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Sounds like she's really looking for attention. And likely going to complain over everything. Sorry :/

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Oh god. How'd she gonna be acting at the end of her pregnancy when she's huge and really uncomfortable ?? OR when it comes time to push the baby out!!!

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I just had this conversation with a coworker about how some girls treat pregnancy like a disease. One of our coworkers misses SO much work because she is always nauseaus. I think women 'think' themselves sick. They play the 'poor sick pregnant girl' card, therefore make themselves sicker? If that makes sense? I work in L&D and I see it the most in young girls. They are used to being babied and getting so much attention. Sorry you have to listen to it!

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This reminds me of a co worker of mine who just went on maternity leave. Every ailment one could possibly have, she had - to extremes. Complaints of migraines and debilitating heartburn, like she was the only one at work who had ever had those and none of us could tell she was faking. Then for 3 months she felt the need to let us know every time her uterus contracted and freak out. First of all she smoked through her entire pregnancy and drank large amounts of caffeine, both of which can cause uterine contractions. Secondly, this was her baby #2 and I had to explain to her what Braxton-Hicks were, after she told me for the 90th time she was having a contraction, and I asked her if they hurt at all. She is almost a year older than me by the way, she is turning 30 in less than 2 weeks. So good luck with the preggo teenager! Smh... I can only imagine the terror of dealing with a barely adult pregnant skid.