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The Entitlement knows no bounds...

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So, what happens when a spoiled rotten little princess makes terrible life choices, gets knocked up as teen, doesn't work anymore because it's "too hard" when she's pregnant (starting at 8 weeks gestation), and will soon have a baby to support?

She registers for more than TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of stuff at Babies R Us and Target. Seriously? I'm fine financially and wouldn't spend that kind of money on baby stuff!! Oh, and I should add, that DOES NOT include ANY baby furniture! No changing table, dresser, rocker, or crib. THAT I could understand costing that kind of money. But the "stuff?" No clothes, either. Stroller, carseat, bathtub, monitor...yep...two thousand smackaroos.


I'm slightly tempted to buy the two most expensive things on the list just to irritate BM, but I'm equally tempted to buy some washcloths and a pack of diapers. }:)


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I'm sure she expects to get everything on that list too!! She must have just walked around just looking at prices and figures the most expensive thing is the best thing to get. Crazy!!

Wait until this baby is born! If she can't handle working now, she is definitely not going to be able to handle taking care of an infant and being up all night.

I dread the day SD16 has a baby. I'm sure she will try to dump it on me!

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I know she can't handle it. She's also stated that she and babydaddy are moving out on their own (they both live with BM.) THAT should be interesting! When you live on your own, you have billlllllls to pay! Mommy won't do it for you! (She can't afford it!)

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I'm only commenting because we recently did both a wedding and baby registry, and here is something she might be doing by registering for that much...

1--A lot of places offer incentives for the registering mom/bride-to-be if they register for enough items. Our wedding registry place did this for us. We also registered for an entire set of pots and pans and then each pot/pan individually because it's more likely that people buy them individually for us. Baby stuff could work the same way, depending on the item.

2--We have a registry right now for everything except furniture and clothes. We didn't register for furniture because I'm getting second-hand/antique stuff and re-doing it for way less (just snagged a crib today for $40 that will look glamorous once I paint it). We haven't registered for clothes yet because we don't know what we're having yet.

3--I don't know how old any of your kids are, but I just checked our baby registry, and first I'll say that we registered for average-priced items of the things I'm going to mention. Just our two strollers (one full-sized, one smaller one (umbrella stroller?) and the car seat total $480. That's without any of the accessories, such as the cover for the car seat to keep baby warm during winter months. Monitors are expensive now also. The one we want is $120 and it's just an audio monitor. Everyone gets these crazy ones with video and we don't want that, but I say that because those are much more expensive than the more simple one we want. I'm breast-feeding and have a pump on there; those are about $200. The jumperoo and play mat together total about $150 also. What I'm trying to say is that I could easily see $2k on a registry without clothing.

I'm not standing up for your SD because I know nothing about her story or anything. I'm just trying to show you that the amount she's registered for isn't outrageous, along with explanations for why.

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I know babies are/can be very expensive.
Yes, her monitor is $150. However, you can get one for $30.
Her high chair is $200, and one can be bought for $40.
Her pack and play is $300 (!!) and one can be bought $60.

THAT is the kind of entitlement I'm talking about. I honestly (almost) can't believe she has the balls to ask for this kind of stuff as an unwed, unemployed, teen mom.

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Baby shower #1 is this month for DH's side of the family. (She's due in June...seems premature to me, but whatever...)

MIL is calling DH nearly every freaking day lately (ugh!) and she's already saying that basically that whole side of the family is giving her money and/or gift cards.

OF COURSE they are.

Perhaps that was a "hint, hint" to DH. Not sure, don't care. At least DH said he wanted to get something at Babies R Us for SD so she can't return it and buy something for herself. Seems like he's got her number...finally... }:)

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Hee, hee, I totally would, but I am SOOO not crafty like that!!

Then again...even better!

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I agree with this but it's her pregnancy and she can ask for anything, may not get them but hey, she can ask--I hate how expensive and consumer mindset people are these days for baby stuff.

I'm fine financially as well and am still going on craigslist and goodwill for most of the stuff--cribs are like $50 nearly new. It's only used for a little bit anyway.

Personally I don't think my child is going to know the difference between a $3000 stroller and a $50 one.

DH's cousin who has grandchildren said my BIL and SIL shouldn't let me babysit their kids because I might mess them up since I disagreed with just how expensive kids can be--yeah, her grandkids are holy terrors with every toy known to mankind and I said I'm just going to use handmedowns and goodwill stuff.


I guess being budget friendly is now child abuse.

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Kids are very expensive. I get that. I've been raising four of them on my own for years. Wink However, if SD thinks babies are expensive, wait till it's a teen! LOL.

Nah, I just can't stomach the sense of entitlement from this unemployed teen mom. She'll get a ton of cash, too. DH's family has already said that. It's like rewarding her for being irresponsible.
PLUS, she's sucking off the government teat now, getting medicaid and WIC, so this just seems SO WRONG to me.

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"It's like rewarding her for being irresponsible."

THAT I can understand, considering her situation (and the entitlement response you gave to my comment).

My cousin is 21 and got pregnant by her boyfriend by accident, and someone threw her a gender reveal party (ridiculous!) and she'll have three showers. THREE! One is being thrown by our grandmother, who is the biggest self-proclaimed perfect Catholic I know (and also a huge hypocrite, case in point being this situation). Though, a lot of my cousin's situation pisses me off because she has pics of herself drinking beer while pregnant on FB, and wants to clothe her child in onesies with pictures of fifth of Jack Daniels on them.

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LOL! Right?
She wants 20 bottles. TWENTY!! Is she planning on stockpiling them? Never washing them? WTH? I have 4 kids, and I don't think I've had 20 bottles in aggregate. Wink
I remember buying a little bouncy seat for $10 off the internet when I was an unwed, teen mom. Baby LOVED it. $10!
OMG, I can't even guess the furniture she wants to buy.
I thought about FBing SD19 and asking. You know, see if she needs financial contributions. Wink

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I just googled it, and Ebay has actually been around for 18 years. I remember buying computer games from sellers with money orders when I was 15 years old.

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Not buying what??

I'm in my 30's, and we did have internet "way back then." Wink It was dial up, and used aol or NetZero, but it existed!

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I laughed so hard when in the movie The Proposal, Sandra Bullock drops her dimes into the computer and you hear the dial up modem start...and she's all, "Wait? What is that? What's that sound?" Hahahaha...

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I like the math!! I am, in fact, 37. Feel older than I am... but look younger. Go figure. You should be one of those "age guessers" at the fair! Wink

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Hey, 37 is the new 25! Or not. Wink I kinda like my 30's. It's been hell getting here, but I kinda like 'em. NOT looking forward to 40, though. Sad

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Lol...we paid for her birth control up until...well, how many months along is she?
I figured it out once, and it appears she got preggers within a month of two of us finally stopping paying for it. We've been buying her birth control since she was 14.

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silly girl!! We bought a lot of great things second hand when we had our first baby since exhb was still studying those days.And those few new things that we had for her we shopped around for days to make sure we got the best for the best price!Our little girl had more than she needed and always looked clean and super cute! This entitlement generation sucks.

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I'll agree with this whole heartedly except the multiple showers thing for a few reasons:

I had 3 with BD1. One for my family, one for DH's dad's family, and one for DH's Biomother's family. We do not mix any of those, our wedding was proof enough that that was a bad idea. So, 3 big showers hosted by 3 different people (My aunt, DH's biomother, and DH's stepmom).

My cousin is on her 4th child. First 3 were boys. Guess what this one is? Let me put it this way, this little child NEEDS some pink in her life. Our aunt is hosting a "Pink Shower" for her. All clothes/ bedding/ stuff like that in more girly shades than "Sports" and "Cars".

I threw a small shower/ spa night for a friend of mine for our group of friends. We got to be silly 20something's without having to worry about upsetting Grandma or Great Aunt Lois. It was a week before her due date and her last "night out" before motherhood, so she was very grateful and we had tons of fun. She'd had 4 showers the month before and had been more stressed after each one.