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Engagement Party in the Lion's Den

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Good Morning to my new favourite people. I can't tell you how much support I have felt already in the few short days I have been here and reading your posts, replies and sharing in your pain and sameness... Thank you for that, I am already taking a new approach with the daily drama and disengaging as I have read so often here, "disengage".

Yes, I am here for Help!!

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Good morning fellow Step Monsters!
Thank you so much for the replies and support and WTH responses... I knew it was messed up but on reading your takes on just the tip of this iceberg... I see I am about to go down!
Oh yes I have a lot to learn from you amazing Mothers I am so happy I found this forum.

I did not sign up for this did I?

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Hello gang... I have spent the last hour reading your posts and feeling like I have a new family in you all... the suffering doesn't need to be alone or in silence anymore. Thank you all for that.
To be honest I am at such a state with these skids and BM that I am almost afraid to be specific due to being found out for venting about their retched-ness. Sigh... I will try not to get found out...