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Skids' baths...only seems to happen at our house!

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Okay there was about a month where we didn't have too many complaints about BM but now that she's single again it's all downhill again.

We had the skids last night and they were STINKY, and SS3 had a ton of dried, dirty snot in his nose. FDH asked SD5 when was her last bath/shower? Her answer....the last time she was with us. Neither of us believed her because that was last Thursday night! We went through her entire weekend -- Did you have a bath at Mommy's? Did you have a bath at Grandma J's? Did you have a bath at Grandma S's? Did you have a bath last night? This is a kid that has an IMPECCABLE memory...she said no, no baths at all.

Mind you, SS3 was sicker than heck this weekend (Darth Vader breathing and fever -- we know this because we had them for 3 hours on Saturday). bath from Thursday until Monday sounds like a good way to get rid of that sickness, huh?

Every time we pick up SD5, one of the FIRST things she asks us is "Can we have a bath tonight!?" My answer is always, "Of course -- you have a bath EVERY time you're at our house!" She says that she ALWAYS asks Mommy too but Mommy just wants them to eat supper and go to bed every night. She also says that daycare tells her all the time that they should have baths every night, but she says Mommy 'doesn't care'.

So after our talk last night with SD5 about this, FDH texted BM and gave her a little lecture about how we're having a newborn soon in our house and we'd really appreciate it if she can keep the kids cleaner and give baths each night, to avoid so many germs...her response? "Roger that."


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I know! It's seriously like every time she has a boyfriend she atleast puts on a show that she's a good mother. But if you leave her to her own devices, she could care less about being motherly.