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Hey I forgot to tell ya!

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SS turned 18 this week!

Woo Hoo!

Still lives at the residential treatment facility, but hasn't gotten into trouble since August. He will stay there until he graduates high school with them (targeted for this coming spring).

So while I'm glad we made it to this point, I have lots of unanswered questions - like what happens to him if he runs away again? I mean he's 18 now - do they report him missing? do the cops look for him?

Anyway... woo hoo he's 18!!!!

Thinking about funerals

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Some other blogs lately got me thinking about my father and his wife and what I would do/will do when they eventually pass.

I have almost no relationship with my father anymore. I have chosen to not let his toxicity into my life. We didn't have a big blow up or anything like that, but I stopped chasing him to force a relationship. Funny how when I stopped calling and trying, it just went away. I haven't spoken with him in over a year.

well well well...

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SS17 (almost 18!) who lives in a residential treatment facility - recently was promoted to a group home type environment.

Instead of a dormitory style rooming, it is an apartment with a couple of bedrooms and like 2-3 kids per room. The idea being he is given more freedom, to work and attend school, but he still has structure and is learning how to be a human.

This promotion was made about a month ago.

This weekend he used some of his new found freedom to go out drinking and stay out past curfew. Whoops.

New "reality" show Modern Dads

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Did y'all see this show on A&E tonight?

What a HOT.MESS!

One guy is a single dad, and he's got a bratty 5yr old daughter. He's chasing tail whenever he gets a chance... oh my.

Another guy is a step dad but claims "he forgets" they aren't his by blood.


yeah. right.

Need advice on how to manage my DDs

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My DH and I just celebrated our 2nd anniversary. We've lived together for 3 years.

In that 3 years we had our hands more than full with his son (SS17). We finally have him in a steady state (no longer living here - he's at a residential treatment facility until he turns 22) and are now finding we have an issue with my DDs.

I have 2 DDs 17 and 14.5. Overall they are very good kids. Smart, well behaved girls but they are still teens. Occasionally some attitude and 1 incident that involved stupid behavior and the cops. (she was grounded appropriately for that stunt)

SS wants a weekend

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I've deleted most of my blogs - but the back story is as follows:

Late last summer SS17 started stirring up real trouble around here, ended up in a series of mental facilities, and an attempted suicide (so he says...) he went to a full time Residential Treatment Facility (RTC). He's actually at his 2nd one of those as well. Based on the now infrequent calls to report incidents (used to be almost daily!) he must have finally settled in and is making some progress.

Small bit of happy dancing

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We finally got approval from the insurance company! SS17 is going to a residential treatment facility!

We don't know how long he will be there, the doctors are advocating 6 months to a year. We will just take it one day at a time from here.

But yeah - I'm happy that he's going to get the help that he needs.

(evil stepmother comment here - and I'm happy that he won't be living here for quite awhile!!!)

Maybe now I can stop the emotional eating. Well, maybe AFTER tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!