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SD the liar

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sd lies about every little thing. She still won't admit to starting her period even though her mom and aunt found "evidence" that she was stuffing her underwear and then throwing it away.

She lies about her grades even though we can look at them online. 

She lied in snapchat about having a twin brother, a barrel racing horse and a goft cart. None  is true.

Found out that sons dad blocked me

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My sons dad has not seen him in over 4 years. He has joint custody and pays court ordered child support. My son has had retainers for over a year trying to prevent braces. I text my ex in November and said the orthodontist didn’t think the retainers were doing the job and he would probably need braces. I would contact him when I knew for sure. He has a iPhone and the message was marked delivered. No answer but that’s normal.