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Should this worry me?

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My husband has a female friend who is our coworker (my friend also). He went up to her today and started looking at her items in her cart and asked if she was burnt because of being out in the sun. He also liked her profile picture a while ago. Should I be worried? It was just a nice picture of her face. He is related to her husband as well. 


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From what little you described, I don't see anything wrong with what your husband said to her. What exactly are you worried about?

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stepmom, I'm asking this with all the sincerity and care I can- after reading your previous blog, do you have any kind of mental health or disability your dealing with?  Your questions aren't really normal or are you so beaten down you can't think clearly about normal every day things.  You questioned how many pics to take in your bathing suits on vacation (nobody questions this in real life)- and this interaction you describe seems completely normal/making conversation as well.  I only read that other post of yours, do you have something troublesome going on in your marriage?  Your thinking does not seem clear/normal so I'm asking out of concern.  

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I'm almost certain this is a new username for a poster who posted frequently over the last year agonizing over social media, photos, and really just every little decision in general. I urged her many, many times to consider therapy because her constant questioning of herself and her relationship and indecisiveness seems so unhealthy. Carrying that much anxiety is so exhausting and it's really sad to see someone going through it.

OP, I apologize if I'm mistaken and you're a new poster. To answer your question, on the surface none of this is anything to worry about. But it does seem like you are worrying too much about a lot of things. If this is a regular and ongoing thing for you, I really hope you'll find someone to talk to in real life who can help you learn to trust yourself and your decisions. You deserve to go through life without constantly second guessing yourself or looking over your shoulder. 

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No.  Everything is okay- let yourself relax a bit.  

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No, but it should worry your husband that this worries you. This is one step and a gender swap from "you can't see your male friends anymore because I just know they want to sleep with you and I don't trust that you won't sleep with them." It's a toxic mindset that can lead to controlling behavior. Figure out why you're insecure and fix that within yourself.