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How do y’all feel about matching Christmas pajamas?

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My family and I don't do it. Mainly because we see the kids one night a week, I'm afraid the kids won't cooperate, don't want to feel awkward, husband won't do it lol, and I don't want to hurt BM if that makes sense. I feel like if I was their mom and I saw them doing the whole matching pajamas Christmas photo, I would be a little hurt. Idk. Could be just me. But did y'all do it this year? 


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I wouldn't do matching pajamas, mostly because we all wear different types of pajamas. I would, however, be open to the idea of themed sleep shirts if I found a particularly interesting theme that matched our collective interests (we're all nerds in this house and share a love for nerd culture). I honestly wouldn't worry about whether it bothered ET or not because she and her DH are free to do what they want in their own home. Their traditions and ours don't have to match, and they aren't in competition with one another.

Granted, I say all of this as someone with older SKs whom I have good relationships with and a DH who makes me feel loved and appreciated. I also don't deal with ET much anymore and have been around long enough that I know where the lines are with her (and I either don't care because they're stupid or I genuinely believe she's right to have the line and respect it). I can totally see why someone would not even consider it, or why someone would do matching PJs with their SKs. I don't think either is particularly weird, though could definitely be head-scratching based on additional info about how the family operates.

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We've done the matching pajamas from Hanna Andersson since my SDs were 6 and 4. Not exactly the same, but the same print for everyone in their preferred style. Since H and I separated now, I just bought the pajamas for DD and both SDs. SDs love it for the Instagram aspect of it, but most importantly to me, DD loves it because she loves to match her sisters. So I'll keep doing it as long as they all enjoy it.

Incidentally, this might be one of the few 'family' things that we've done that BM hasn't ever thrown a fit about. They do it at their house too, though there are no other siblings there, just BM and their stepdad. 

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No won't do it. I'd have to arrange the whole thing. DH and YSD so picky I don't see it happening. And really, I don't want to match.

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I think it's hiddious.

In my head I see those click and bait things on line that draw you IN and take 20minutes to get thru 10 pics of "weird family photos." OR "people of walmart".

Do you know what I am talking about???

THAT"S what I think of family pj pictures....

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I used to get my family a pair of new pjs to wear for Christmas Eve, but they never matched, more just Christmas themed.  Once the kids got older I stopped doing it and nobody ever asked to keep doing it. 

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I have never been into it but if you want to, go ahead. It's not your job to worry about BM's feelings . She can get them too of she wants.

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I'm really not a matching PJs kind of person, but the closest thing I can think of is my Skids won't even take a picture with me. Same reason. It would upset their mom.

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I did the matching pjs with my husband and the step kids. But then again his babymom is a selfish human being and probably didnt care I mean its been a few weeks and I still havent heard her complain about it. But for next year Maybe ask the baby mom if she wants to be in it And then just take pictures of all of you guys separately and stuff so it doesn't look like you're purposely trying to hurt her.