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Do y’all take selfies with your stepkids?

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Do y’all take selfies with Skids? Why or why not? Sometimes my SD6 doesn’t want a selfie with me and sometimes she will take one. I’m just curious if anyone else’s SKids are like that?


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The reason?? Because they are disrespectful ferals hellbent on destroying my marriage with my husband, they remind him that me and our 2 kids are strangers. My kids are hubbys bio meaning skids half siblings

at family events, ss looks all scruffy that he effs up the family pic when we are all dressed in formal wear.

sd's dress up as the asian equivelant or morticia from the adams family or god knows what goth wear. And for asians who are all about vibrant colours, they depress the mood. 
i told hubby his daughters dressing in goth wear everytime we meet when they were always in coloured clothes before and especially at family events is just disrespectful when they have asked family stick with certain colours for a weddinng or engagement for example. Its like sd's are mourning hubby marrying me

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No. I don't take any pictures of SD12. Whenever DHs family send me pictures with her in them I don't keep them. I don't care.

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Willingly?  never.  I think the last time I appeared in a photo with the SDs was my younger daughter's wedding about 5 yrs ago, and I couldn't really avoid it. 

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I used to. He used to be the first to grab a phone to get a shot of us. I am usually good to do things his mom never was- fun active things. He used to enjoy our times together. 

I think I got one picture this summer of all of us... that was about the closest thing. 

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I don't take any pictures of my SD or with her in them at all. I will only take a picture of SD and my husband together if he explicitly asks me to, otherwise he needs to be the one holding the camera. I do not post pictures with her in them at all on my social media.

It's not that I hate her, it's that pictures are one of the few legitimate things that her BM could get a beef over and attack me directly for. 

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Once at Christmas in front of the tree for DH's family (usually turns out pretty cute) and usually once in the summer for the same reason when we're out doing things outside. DH is always in the pic.  I have none of just me with either SD.

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I guess I feel like I have to take one with them where I would have memories with them. But I'm thinking a family pic is just as good.

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I'd feel really silly taking selfies, with or without kids. 

I do take and post pics of SKs occasionally. BM isn't on social media that I know of. If she were, doubt she'd cause drama about me taking photos, but she might get nosy about our home and activities via the photos.

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I take "selfies" with SD. Her and I do stuff so I always take pictures. I try and take a ton of pics on our yearly vacation because if I don't SO would have literally zero pics of his kids because he doesn't take any. I don't post much of skids on social media, mainly just our yearly vacation. 

If BM ever told me I couldn't post pics I would legit laugh at her. Ironically, her cover story on Facebook (we aren't friends but, I look at her page sometimes) is a collage of 4 pics of skids. One from her brothers wedding in 2016 (that she didn't want to take them too) and the other 3.... pics of the skids I have taken. I take a nice photo of the 3 of them every year for Christmas to give to SO and BM gets a pic too. I started that when we were "cool." I HATE doing it now but whatever. 

The first Xmas she sent me a pathetic thank-you text. Started it with "I know we have had our differences" so I didn't respond to that non sense. Last year I didn't get a text. Didn't want one.