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Update on BS

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We officially have surgery scheduled. He will be getting tubs and adenoids removed as well as, checked to see if anything else could be causing his sleep apnea. His sleep apnea has officially been diagnosed he stops breathing 3 times every hour he is asleep. Well the doctors did a chest xray and he also has reactive airways disease so he will also being seeing a penologist. Prays and good vibes are much needed.


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Prayers and all well wishes to your baby! I really hope that his surgery helps him sleep.

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I lived this same thing. As soon as my daughters adenoids were removed, the sleep apnea stopped. She was a bed wetter before the surgery. She Never did it again after the surgery. She also has reactive airway syndrome. It is easily manageable. It usually only manifested when she was running a fever. You will note an immediate change.
And for my daughter the surgery took less than 2 hours and she only missed Friday and Monday from school. Just load up on Popsicles.

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