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Interesting article "Why Parents Hate Parenting"

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Somebody mentioned the other day that parents are generally less happy than people without children. Here's an indepth article from New York Magazine exploring that theory.


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Yes, I guess it was your post. I remember the mention of PBS.

I posted this and then haven't been on since Friday. I'm glad it got some good responses.

I just thought it was interesting to see the unpopular viewpoint that those little bundles of joy are mostly bundles of strife.

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Nomi, I don't have a problem with women who choose to remain childless. That's a life-choice that you're entitled to make for yourself.
What I have a HUGE problem with is women who wish to remain childless partnering up with a man who HAS CHILDREN. That makes no. sense. whatsoever.

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I agree. If you've made an individual choice to be childless, how would it make any sense to choose to spend your life with a man who has children...therefore bringing children into your life? It will make you feel imposed upon. It will cause resentment for everyone. It will likely bring a certain amount of drama into your life. In my opinion, it's irresponsible to partner up with someone who has children under the assumption that the children will not be part of your life in some way. It really does make NO sense.

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Nope. Stated my opinion & moved on. It's a problem for you? Seems to be one either way. If I'd stuck around to argue my thoughts you'd have accused me of attacking. That comment had nothing to do with you in any way, so the way I see your comment, you're trying to induce some sort of drama here. Why do you insist on instigating? Perhaps it'd do you well to get a cat or shoe yourself.

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And I had nothing to say about your comment. Do you need props from me for your comment to feel complete? Why do you insist on pushing?

I'm not sure why you thought I would comment on what you said, as I am a child-less woman myself. Did you think you were pulling something clever on me?

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My comment was based on a woman who's made a personal to be childless. Not those who cannot have kids. I don't have bios, however, that is not by choice. I wanted kids in my life.

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I am unaware of any bio-dads on the site. Not to say they aren't here. I'm not aware of them. The child-less women are here & I felt it was fair to hold them accountable for the choices they made to be with men who have children. It's really very simple. I think you're putting too much thought into it...or not enough.

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I am one of the women of this group who made a conscious and aggressive choice NOT to have children… my whole life I knew that the idea of pregnancy horrified me and the mere mention of a baby made me gag. But I kinda always had a soft spot for kids… I have six godchildren back home that I spent many years being very involved with (more so once they grew out of that nasty baby phase) and I always had a very good repot with children despite my aversion to babies.

I fell in love with DH when we were 15 years old… 20 years later that love resurfaced and intensified. I chose to build a life with him and his two sons, I didn’t “seek out” a man with kids… I fell in love with DH “and” he had kids. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to generalize… a wise man once said , "The less a man makes declarative statements, the less apt he is to look foolish in retrospect."

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Hello there to you OD,

I guess you can take the boy out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the boy.