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How to navigate site

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Dumb question...

but how do you navigate this site? For instance, if there's a blog you responded on, do you bookmark it so you can easily go back to view updated responses? I don't always refresh the recent activity to see new responses so they just get lost. 


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If someone responds to your comment I don't think there is anyway to get notified so sometimes I see things days later. I bookmark conversations I'm involved in so I can go back and find them. Usually conversations last a day or 2 at most and then we get involved in another conversation but it all the same old same old. Step kids are annoying, DH is even more annoying, step moms are annoyed lol

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Yea I wish you would get notified when someone responds on a post you've made or posted on similar to Facebook. But I just starting bookmarking things and going back. Haha yes it seems to be some key revolving of issues that circulate. Some people just have some crazy families and it's my new entertainment!