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Did I get everything I wanted ?

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Its been along time since I visited step talk. i have received some of the best advice on here, There were days without this place that Im sure I would have gone totally crazy, Me and hubby have for the last few months been talking, working things out, and he has stepped up to the plate ( it took me leaving for awhile for him to see a few things differently ) sd lives with him full time and has for a few years.

Its over

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Last fight was today. I came clean with hubby and told him I can't stand his kid . Of course..he sees no problem with his princess. Told him everything . Think it's time for me to move on and realize he already has a women to love ...cherish..till death do they part.. I'm just numb now and I want out ...thank you for all your kind advice 

Been told to leave because I said no to sd

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Here i am at my sister house after being put out by my hubby last night. There was no school for step daughter 16 last friday. I was off from work this week Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday afternoon I see these two girls and a boy come into my house.and they all head directly to sd room and shut the door. I look at him and say "um, who are all these kids"?.. so he says they are sd friends and the two girls are staying the night. I was upset as he never asked or told me about it.

disengagement help needed :(

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I have been slowly disengaging from my previous role as live in housekeeper.with benefits / room mate. Its early in the morning and im sitting here enjoying the peace and quit because everyone is asleep.

Hum,,, I been looking around this place it now looks like a garbage dump,,, I just walked out in the kitchen and pushed all the dishes and mess to one side. shooed away the flies , Cleaned a coffee cup , made myself a coffee, and took a second glance at the garbage over flowing onto the floor.