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SS16 really pushing it lately.

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He's been doing that thing where when he gets in trouble with his dad (and his dad isn't home), he asks me if he can do something or just tells me he's doing something because typically I don't ask many questions and let him do his thing (I'm disengaged AND came into his life when he was a preteen already so I never really formed a parental bond with him). I'm the "cool" one for that reason I guess you could say.

But anyway, he did it again today. SS tells me "I'm going to go see my friends" and I say "Okay..". I knew they were arguing because SO told me about it a little, no real context though, which is fine. I text SO and of course SS is not actually supposed to go anywhere and bla bla bla. It's like SS thinks we don't communicate. Its ridiculous. I'm sure he probably thinks I'm "so lame" or whatever for this and that's fine but I'm starting to get really annoyed. Lately I've been saying "ask your dad" when he asks to do anything and just  walks away in a huff. I told SO to take care of it because it's not my bussiness. 

I mean SO coddles his kids when they are young (he has an DD9 too and I slowly watch her become as mouthy as her brother because SO doesn't seem to discipline kids until they turn 12 apparently) so it's mostly his own doing that SS is such a mouthy brat sometimes but I digress.. lol 

SKds really think we are dumb! 


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Lol that what I do sd ask me something I'm like ask your dad. If he isnt here and im not sure I go ring your dad. If she asked me something and if she cant talk to her dad about it and wants to argue about it. I say do what you want your going to do it anyway. If dh says I done the wrong thing I just shrug go I don't know what your all doing. Then change the subject or walk away. 

Like you might communicate with each other but you say no then he says yes so it easier to just dump the problem on who it belongs to. Take yourself out of the situation. Whatever happens happens. Now after a few years of doing this. Sd doesnt ask me things anymore unless it effects myself. she just goes straight to the source I get left alone. Theres less arguements. 

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It wasn't my job to discipline SS.  He tried stuff like that a few times, but I told his dad, and he got in trouble when DH was home.   Tell your SO that you are doing your only job - which is to inform him. HE'S the parent, he can dole out consequences when he gets home.