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A baby could tear us apart.

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One of the biggest reasons I don't plan on having any "ours" babies is because we parent so differently and have absolutely polar opposite ideas of what is "too soft" and "too hard" on parenting (SO is a disney dad and SD was a mini wife). SO seems to use the fact that I grew up with a very strict father/family against me when I tell him that he is too soft and claims he would have to "reign me in" if we had an ours baby.

SS16 really pushing it lately.

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He's been doing that thing where when he gets in trouble with his dad (and his dad isn't home), he asks me if he can do something or just tells me he's doing something because typically I don't ask many questions and let him do his thing (I'm disengaged AND came into his life when he was a preteen already so I never really formed a parental bond with him). I'm the "cool" one for that reason I guess you could say.