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Of all my moms... and other random observations

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It’s hard to tell what his angle is, but SS has been laying it on thick these days. Very affectionate and lots of “you’re the best”s. This was a funny one though. All four of us were walking back to the car and he says

”of all my moms.... of the one mom I’ve had.... steplightly... you’re the youngest.. you’re a young one.

youre kind of like... my godmother.... I’m weird aren’t I?”

He’s a good kid. 

But earlier this week we had a moment. He was mocking me over something insignificant, but it was rude. He’s done this before and I have had about enough. I came very close to throwing Nutella in the trash (his favorite pool snack) while he’s whining sorry sorry. 

I tell him he may say that but mocking people is not a nice way to be. You don’t treat people like that. And he needs to think about his choices and the way he treats people. And that it’s not okay to mock anyone. Not me, not his dad or sister, not his mom or her boyfriend. I told him he’s a nicer person than that. He quietly started helping me pack up the bag and said he’s really sorry. So I told him if he pinky promised to stop mocking people he could have the Nutella. it seems to have stuck? For now?

I know, I know. I’m naive and it’s gonna blow up in my face. Oh well.



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THIS, so much. This is the stuff of parenting, and CODs get all too little of it because their parents are too wrapped up in guilt or trying to win some imaginary war with their ex to be the coolest, favorite parent.

You did your SS (and society) a big favor by drawing a simple boundary.

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Thank you! It’s so easy to feel like doing what my instincts tell me is right will come back to bite me somehow. But honestly... to hell with it. I just can’t sit back and allow that kind of behavior. 

I try to make sure SS knows I will back him up when he needs backing up, but that also means I will call him out when he needs calling out. 

I guess it will work until it doesn’t, right?

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Haha thanks! 

It was a very solemn pinky promise Lol

he did have a moment that night where he was being willfully bad at helping his dad with dinner because he didn’t feel like helping. But the next day he owned up to it and apologized. SO handled it really well and didn’t let him get out of helping just for acting like an idiot. I was so proud considering how much cooking stresses SO out to begin with.

this morning he even made breakfast for his little sister! But she was kind of a jerk since it wasn’t in the right plate... 4-year-olds right?? I only overheard all of this from the other room but SO made SD have a time out for being rude. 

Honestly I think the general improvements in SS’s behavior has to do (at least somewhat) with the fact that SD is getting older and starting to have more consequences.