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Off topic - Endless coughing

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Ughh...... this flu or whatever won’t let up. I think it’s maybe bronchitis, or walking pneumonia... but I’m maybe starting to feel a little better and I’ve lasted this long without going to a doctor. I really don’t want to have to spend the time and money to go hear a doctor tell me to drink water and stay in bed. 

Back at work today so I don’t get too far behind. I just hope I can feel back up to 75% by the time we get the skids back. SO probably got a mild concussion at work the other day so between the two of us we are just falling apart.

wish us luck! 

Of all my moms... and other random observations

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It’s hard to tell what his angle is, but SS has been laying it on thick these days. Very affectionate and lots of “you’re the best”s. This was a funny one though. All four of us were walking back to the car and he says

”of all my moms.... of the one mom I’ve had.... steplightly... you’re the youngest.. you’re a young one.

youre kind of like... my godmother.... I’m weird aren’t I?”

He’s a good kid. 

Falling apart

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Yeah So, last week without skids I was in a rush and sliced my finger while washing a knife. Probably should have gone for stitches, but I didn’t want to spend the time or money, so I used my own first aid skills to stop the bleeding and close the cut. It’s healing okay but I’m gonna be functionally nine-fingered for a while, and I’ll have a pretty gnarly scar when everything is done.

A follow up

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There has been a slight development in the constipation/picky eating issues.

I voiced my frustration with SO that BM was slacking on SD’s medical care on her time. I know I can’t do anything about it, but it irritates me that she passes the buck to him on this issue. I’m thankful that he and I have a communication style that allows us to vent to one another without the other party taking things too personally. It puts me in a position where I feel ethically obligated to try to help get her the medical care she needs and ethically obligated to stay the eff out of it.

Proud of SO

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In our house we have a rule: quiet time until 7am. SD4 has ocassional issues with sleeping through the night. SS10 likes to wake up at 5 or 6. This rule is to ensure the adults in the house get enough sleep/peace to function properly. 

This morning SS knocks at 6:30 and tells SO he’s worried about being late in the mornings so quiet time should be lifted earlier. SO says it’s too early now, come back at 6:45 and gets back in bed. 


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Another week-on, another curveball.

So. Last night SD4 starts pretending to be a kitty. This is really common game for her. No big deal. 

This time, however, she starts calling me “Mommy” in her kitty voice. That alone isn’t a huge deal- she’s pretending, I just go along with it, calling her by her kitty name, but not really acknowledging the “Mommy part.” SO and I put her to bed and he apologizes for things getting weird. I tell him I’m just glad SS didn’t comment on it. We both just kind of shrug it off because what can you do.

I’ve got a SO problem...

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Okay okay okay. I need to preface this post by saying generally, this week-on has not been that bad. SO largely has shown he wants to work towards a harmonious home. He doesn’t tolerate the kids outright disrespecting me. By and large he has my back. He understands that I want everyone to be happy and well adjusted. He usually is able to come around to my logic. 


For the love of all things holy I am about to lose my mind when it comes to food with SO and clan!!

Is that what the kids call it these days?

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oh man, tonight was a doozy! 

So. SO and clan meet me after work to go out for a family dinner. Everyone is in a good mood. SS has had a good week, SD hasn’t been at her best, but she’s been having some side effects related to another issue -see my other posts if you are curious and don’t have a weak stomach- so we’ve been a little more understanding.

Ugh - that didn’t take long

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So. SD has had an ongoing episode of constipation. Bad. Real bad. She’s been to a specialist and they have recommended laxatives. Big surprise. 

The issue is the Dr instructions say for a toddler to drink 48 oz of water in one sitting... so even on a good day that’s just a huge ask. SO has tried to do one of these cleanouts three times now, with partial success. BM always conveniently asks him to take care of it, or couldn’t get it to happen.. or whatever. My opinions of that subject won’t change anything. 

One more week-on

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So, I feel a lot better going into this week-on compared to the last one, school/testing is basically over so SS will be way less stressed about that and theoretically more enjoyable to be around. He’s also ungrounded now so that makes life easier too.