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Dear BM: Eat a bag of d*cks

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This psycho is going to be the death of me, I swear to God. I hate her with the heat of a thousand fiery suns. 

Skids came back to us today after being with BM for 9 days. Right away SD9 mentions moms new “boyfriend”, and how they met him and had a bbq with him. SD was not thrilled by this development, and when she was telling the story about how BM told skids to “just give him a chance”, SD kind of yelled at her and said, you say that every time!! I didn’t want to bash BM so I just changed the subject. 

 Ok. This cum dumpster (too harsh? I would argue not harsh enough) literally JUST broke up with her last BF 3 weeks ago. She was with that one for 3 months and immediately introduced skids to him and had skids sleeping at his house on an air mattress. Now they have met another guy, less than a month later!! She has introduced skids to at LEAST 12 “boyfriends” in 2-1/2years. 

So SD just said, Hey Step-girlfriend, is your job important? Me: Um, idk, but it’s a pretty good job. And it is. I do pretty well, especially compared to BM. I make 3 times what BM makes. (Not to be Braggy, I just have a career while BM can barely hold a I hate her). SD says, Oh... So I ask why she was asking. She said “moms new BF, or his friend (she didn’t know which one) knows you through work and said you don’t do very much”. Really?? I don’t know this guy, or his friend. They may know OF me, but my job is a New position within the entity that I work for...and they wouldn’t know what it is or what I do. Either way, I’m livid. She just HAS to be talking trash, and now this guy is already talking trash??? 

I know this won’t work out with this guy (she is crazy and apparently he is in school to be a cop). But still. She should be humiliated, introducing skids to all these guys. I’m embarrassed for her! What a trashy whore. 

Also, BM told SD that she needs to bring one of the new dresses we bought for her for school over to her house so SD can wear it for the first day of school. Since skids are with BM on the first day. Really?? You can’t buy ONE article of clothing for her for school?? We bought an entire wardrobe! Ugh, she’s such a Waste of skin! 


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Ye olde cum dumpster will have to step up her game. BioHo had 22 men move in and out within 24 months. The skids had a sh!t ton of "uncles" living with them.

What IS it with these nasty women?? Introducing their kids to a new boy toy 5 seconds after them bed them??

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I don’t even get how it’s possible. It’s actually really hard to find someone I like, much less 22 of them!

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Well if every fiber of your being is advertising that you're really easy and you're dropping your bait on the very bottom of the pond, I'm sure you'd get a lot of nibbles, too. LOL

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More like advertising that fornicating is THE thing you consider most important in a relationship.

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Suprisingly, with that kind of advertising, you can attract a LOT of "high quality" males. LOLOLOLOL

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FB, I'm sure you would not be surprised to hear that BioHo signed up for websites that catered to people looking for one-night stands...

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Sounds like BM would eat a bag of d*cks if she could get her hands on the mean time, she just picks a new one every couple months... 

Gross... 22 men in 24 months? How the hell did she even find that many men willing to move in so fast...high caliber fine upstanding men, I'm sure...

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I wish I could post her Plenty of Fish dating profile on here. I would love input on how she gets guys to date her! She sounds like a miserable person (well, she is, but it’s obvious even on her profile)- it’s all “don’t do this, don’t message me if you do this- you’re not getting sex on the first date and you need to plan the first date”. And she lies on it- she said she smokes occasionally (I.e. like a chimney) and doesn’t have pets (she has a cat). And that her “kids come first”. Which we can only assume is code for “you better have an air mattress for them because they’re going to be sleeping at your house in the first 2 weeks of dating”

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Her profile sounds trashy, trashy women put out on the 2nd date (if not the 1st...but only cuz he was soooo speciaaaaalllll).

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Why wait around? If I don't feel like putting out on the 2nd date, there certainly won't be a 3rd. That being said, I only had one 2nd date between my ex leaving and my current partner and there was no 3rd date with him. However, I didn't even make it to the end of the 2nd date with my SO. He is pretty special. 

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I had a policy after my first divorce that there would absolutely be a kiss on the first date. If you suck at kissing, you'll suck at the rest. I was able to eliminate one guy from a follow up date. Yuck!

My stbX was a fantastic first kiss and he was fantastic at the rest. Wink Just not the healthy relationship part. Sad

No putting out on the first date, though!!

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Full disclosure, DH and I slept together on the first date. Lol. However, we had known each other for over 20 years, hung out together and even went on a group outing when we were teens and made out. I guess technically that was the first date and I didn't put out! Nevermind! Unfortunately, he met BM immediately after, she did put out, and then pinned her pregnancy on him. It's not his kid. 

However, when DH and went on the "first" date as adults, we were instantly a couple. There was no "dating," it was like it was always meant to be. I am glad I sowed my wild oats in my 20s. It helped me know what I really wanted in a long term relationship/marriage. However, my kids didn't meet hardly any of the guys I dated before DH. This is kind of selfish, but it was more about not wanting to waste my children's time getting to know someone that was not going to be around long term. 

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She does not have to like the d. When she meets a wallet she likes she will stay with that one.(in the meantime - practice makes perfect...? Better be a Coach bag lol) And the men on POF are gullible thats how she meets them.

My friends BM bragged about how she's had 300+ men.( we called her Sparta).

Poor SD to have to witness that.

Does your CO say anything about clothing? I feel your pain there my BMs are same about clothing.

And WTF is this guy and his nondescript " friend" talking about when they know absolutely nothing about you...?  Running at the mouth trying to show off for " not quite Sparta". Nobody who shows off for the likes of your BM is worthy of even a second of your thoughts.

However SD def should not be in that environment and you should talk to your SO about it.


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I have a feeling this guy and BM talked about me, he supposedly had some “negative info” about me (but seriously, if me “not doing much at my job”, is the worst he has on me, I’ll Take it. It’s not true anyway), and then BM ran and told skids what he said. It is unbelievable to me that she still thinks this strategy of bashing me to skids to make them hate me might work. They are so sick of hearing it and SD usually just sticks up for me anyway. It’s completely backfiring on her and makes her look like a miserable person. 

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You can order gummy dicks online and get them sent to her anonymously.... LMAO

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My SO got me those for Christmas last year!! Lol. We were always telling each other to eat a bag of dicks so it was pretty funny. When you open the box a little ditty plays That goes “you just got, a bag of dicks, it’s a bag of dicks!”. We could not get that out of our heads for weeks! 

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BM cheated on DH and then moved in with her BF before she even filed legal separation papers. Then proceeded to have a revolving door of boyfriends move in and out. She’s gone through four men in 6 years. Her kids were 6 and 4 at the time of the divorce. How traumatizing for children.

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Totally. BM once got evicted from her apt. and moved skids in with a guy she met online a few weeks prior, whom skids had never even MET. Dude even had to rent the Uhaul for her to move. BM picked skids up from our house and drove them to this guys house, where she had already moved their stuff in, and that's when they met him for the first time. And his 2 kids. In a 2 bedroom apt. Guess where SD slept? IN BED with BM and this guy! Wtf! SS slept on the couch. Yet throughout this all, BM and her BF would constantly harass us, texting us every day saying what terrible people we were and what a terrible father my SO is. I felt like I was in the twilight zone!

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I know! I was shocked by your BMs number! How the hell did she manage 22 in 24 months. Besides the rug burn I would be worried about the kids emotional states. What a whore! I’m 43 Ana I’ve only dated three men in my whole life and I’m decent looking. How do these women do it lol! She must be running a drug house or a whore house.

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Sweetie, why do you think I call her BioHO? It's just one of the many reasons.

  • 22 men in 24 months (often, one moved out in the morning and the new one in the afternoon or next day)
  • 5 kids by 4 men
  • she admitted to cheating on DH as soon as she confirmed she was pregnant with SD22
  • signed up on f*ck buddy web sites to find partners
  • DH hacked her email and found emails where she traded sex for $$ meals and clothing
  • 'Ho and Mr. Pinhead are members of a swingers website