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Survived the skid vacay, but barely

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Last I wrote, I was knee-deep in skid vacation hell, due to my SO's constant coddling and seeming need to entertain SD10 and SS13 almost every minute of the day, and skids inability to entertain themselves, which resulted in no alone time for us. Which was even more frustrating given that we had literally spent months researching resorts that had a teen and kids club so that (in my SO's words), skids could "have something else to do so we could do our own thing and not have them with us every minute".

Now we're tiptoeing around SD

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I posted this wknd about how Crazy wants to buy or rent the house we used to rent that is now for sale, which is located 5 blocks away on the same exact street as the house we bought. When SD10 told my SO this, I think he panicked at the thought of her living so close, and also was frustrated because skids are just soooo on board with this idea, wanting to live in their old house again, that he definitely didn't handle it the way he should have.

A complete sh*t show

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My SO and I got back from an amazing, glorious, 12 days in Italy, where neither of us wanted to come home, to a complete sh*t show where I now hate my job situation so much I've started applying for new positions, my SO's Job got extremely stressful, we are both on edge, and to top it off we have skids for 12 days in a row, and it's all just a bit much. 

Stepmom, the movie

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Ok, I actually love this movie. I’ve seen it a million times, long before I had any inkling that someday I would be dealing with a batshit crazy version of Susan Sarandon. But I digress. The point: Last night it was on TV and I noticed a part I never paid attention to before- When Ed Harris is telling Julia Roberts he has to go away for the wknd for work, and says he will get a babysitter because he has his kids.