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SS and his stupid phone!

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God I hope this is the last about this f’ng phone. In case you aren’t up to speed on the saga- SS12 totally smashed his phone last wknd at Crazy’s- immediately upon hearing such tragic news, my SO raced to call and get a new phone and pay the $100 deductible, without even seeing the phone or talking to SS. I mean, just imagine it- a 12yr Old going without a phone!!!  *clutches pearls”

Ok, help

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Sorry to be a blog hog.

I am going to drive myself crazy stewing about this lack of consequences for SS smashing his stupid phone. Lack of consequences in general is one of the biggest things my SO and I disagree about. My SO either yells or repeatedly talks to skids about the same issue, but never a consequence. SS doesn't learn when he is just "talked to". I am so frustrated, there are times I just want to say f*ck it, this is all too hard and I feel like I might go insane from watching my SO not discipline. I don't know why I can't just let it go.

Update: I still think SS is a lying liar

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Skids came by us tonight, so my SO was supposed to get to the bottom of how SS’s IPhone 8plus actually got completely smashed. Apparently SD was sleeping when it happened so all she knows is the story that SS is sticking with- the phone fell off the entertainment center, he tried to catch it with his foot and kicked it into something on accident. Oh, and the case allegedly wasn’t on the phone at the time because it was blocking the camera or some crap so he took it off, of course with the intent to put it back on. I call bullshit.

SS, the lying liar

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So this morning my SO got a message on OFW from Crazy, saying SS12’s phone got completely wrecked. She then detailed the whole story, saying it was on the entertainment center and it fell off (interesting, why did it fall off?), and SS happened to be right there and stuck his foot out to try and stop it but it ended up kind of getting kicked Into the entertainment center and is so broken that even the insides are coming out. Hm... It should be noted that this is an IPhone 8plus (of course SS has the nicest phone in the house), which has a case on it, and a screen protector.

Finally getting his head out of the sand

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Quick recap- my SO has primary placement for SS12 and SD9- 67%. 10 days on, 4 days by Crazy, then in summer she gets 9 days, we have 5. This was a GAL's recommondation- in Aug. it will be 2 years since the CO. Also in Aug, Crazy is able to file for a change in custody, and we think she will, given that she filed 3 MONTHS after the CO was put in place last time. The judge let it go to a motion hearing for some reason but quickly dismissed it in court due to her not having a huge change in circumstance, and because you have to wait 2 years to file for a change.

Pure Evil

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This wknd was overwhelming. Skids were by Crazy, so it was just my SO and I. It went from good to bad, and now I don’t know what it is. That may or may not be a blog for another day. I’m still processing it and figuring out how I feel. He is working the complete opposite shift as me so I won’t even see him for a few days. 

I just can't

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I want to strangle my SO right now.

SS12 has gotten busted many times before for staying up past his bedtime on his phone. The first few times he was told to go to bed and got yelled at a bit for it (by me, since I was the one with him while my SO works). Eventually, my SO put parental controls on the WiFi, so now SS's PS4 turns off at 9:30pm and his phone wifi turns off at 10pm. He's gotten busted turning his data on and staying up past 10 using data, which causes us to almost go over our data plan, and my SO has yelled at him for that.