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Crazy wants to buy our old house!

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I just can't with this dumb whore. SD10 told my SO today that Crazy is trying to A.) buy, or B.) rent our old house that we used to rent, which went up for sale in August when we bought our new house and moved out. It has been for sale and sitting empty (it's a POS and is overpriced- no one is going to buy it at this price) ever since. The kicker is that we live in a small town and this house is 5 BLOCKS from our new house, on the SAME STREET. Why on earth would she want to live 5 blocks from us??? And when she lived there with my SO, all she did was complain about it!

A complete sh*t show

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My SO and I got back from an amazing, glorious, 12 days in Italy, where neither of us wanted to come home, to a complete sh*t show where I now hate my job situation so much I've started applying for new positions, my SO's Job got extremely stressful, we are both on edge, and to top it off we have skids for 12 days in a row, and it's all just a bit much. 

Stepmom, the movie

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Ok, I actually love this movie. I’ve seen it a million times, long before I had any inkling that someday I would be dealing with a batshit crazy version of Susan Sarandon. But I digress. The point: Last night it was on TV and I noticed a part I never paid attention to before- When Ed Harris is telling Julia Roberts he has to go away for the wknd for work, and says he will get a babysitter because he has his kids.

New custody! Just kidding.

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Today is the first day of our new 50/50 custody agreement! Skids go by their mom for the whole week instead of staying by us until Thursday like usual! Happy day! Except, guess who is currently at my home, and not at Crazy’s? Ding ding ding! Skids! This dumb box has already managed to ruin what was supposed to be the first blissful, skid-free week. We had them all last week. She wanted 50/50 soooo bad, because “my kids”. They agreed to it last week in mediation, including it starting today. It’s in writing! I overheard her FaceTiming with SD10 Fri night, saying “guess what baby girl!

The results are in!

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Mediation is over: Starting today we now have skids 50/50 instead of 67/33. They come by us today and normally they would stay with us for 10 days, but with the new schedule they will come by us today and she will get them back after school next Monday and keep them until the following Monday morning. This is on a temporary trial basis which goes until January, at which point they will decide if it's working. My SO said Crazy was all quiet and out of it, she didn't say anything the whole time except that "the kids really want 50/50" and so does she".

Mediation today!

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My SO has mediation with Crazy today and I am super anxious. She filed for 50/50, and after fully planning on fighting her on it, she has made our life such a nightmare the past few months he is tired and it sucked all the fight out of him, so he grudgingly decided to just agree to it. Really, the chances of him retaining the placement he has now (67%) are so slim, fighting it would just be dragging out the inevitable. Yes she is batshit crazy, but she has an apt! And can provide food! And really that's all that seems to matter these days.

Crazy pants

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So Crazy (BM) took an office job in the Nursing home she works for. Before she was a CNA and made maybe $15/hr. She's actually held this job for about 2 years now, which is a huge improvement over her quitting every job within a week of being hired, or just not showing up period. She actually tried to quit this one too, but they begged her back. The other day my SO was talking about his friend who was buying a house with his gf- the friend was buying the house in his name only, even though he has been with his gf for 13yrs. GF has a daughter (SD18), and they just found out she is pregnant.