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Crazy pants

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So Crazy (BM) took an office job in the Nursing home she works for. Before she was a CNA and made maybe $15/hr. She's actually held this job for about 2 years now, which is a huge improvement over her quitting every job within a week of being hired, or just not showing up period. She actually tried to quit this one too, but they begged her back. The other day my SO was talking about his friend who was buying a house with his gf- the friend was buying the house in his name only, even though he has been with his gf for 13yrs. GF has a daughter (SD18), and they just found out she is pregnant.

I just about lost my damn mind

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SS’s bday was yesterday, he turned 13. Skids were at Crazy’s this wknd, so we celebrated tonight. SS had asked me if I would make his bday cake, he loves my baking and there is a specific cake he really loves. I was flattered that he asked, so I gladly made it yesterday. His Gma, Gpa, Aunt and Uncle were also coming over and I wanted SS to have a meal he liked (my SO is not much of a cook), so I decided to grill burgers, brats, and sides.


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Today on my way into work a female radio DJ was talking to her 2 male co-hosts about a 2nd date she had planned tonight. She hasn't dated much since her divorce, but now she is getting back out there. The date was to go bowling at 6pm. Her dilemma was, although it isn't her custody day, her 7yr old son has baseball practice tonight, which she usually goes to. She likes to go to be in control and see what her son is up to, not because she really wants to be supportive (her words). We're talking rec league PRACTICE, not even a school league.

OT- Oops

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Today is my SO's birthday, and I remembered when FB showed me about 30 minutes ago. Whoops. To be fair, I thought it was tomorrow. I honestly didn't even know what today's date was. I passed my SO on the front sidewalk this morning as he was getting home from work and I was leaving for work- we said hi and kissed and that was it. I have since sent him a happy birthday message, and posted some cute pics of us on FB with a nice post (he's sleeping so won't even see it for a few hours). But-


Surviving a long skid wknd

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Give the skids a 4 day wknd, they said. It will be great, they said!

It is not great!! I just want it to be over. I need these kids to go by Crazy’s for a few days. Today needs to be Thursday!!

My gripes about this wknd are only made possible by an Easter miracle occurring in our household- SS12 miraculously kicked his video game addiction for a few days, apparently so he could become my SO’s shadow, and drive me to drink. Which I did. 

Stage 5 clinger

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Background: My SO works nights and sleeps from 6:30pm-10pm. Skids are with me during this time, which is whatever. SS12 is a nonfactor really- I'm surprised that kid hasn't started peeing in bottles so he doesn't have to leave the video games in his room. He comes out to use the bathroom and say goodnight, that's it. Fine by me.