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Oh yes. Mil actually said this

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Let me preface thus by saying I am 41 and mil is 20 years older. Earlier this week if asked dh if bed heard from his mom. I thought it was weird that she didn't call on my bday and that she didn't comment on any if the recent Facebook photos of the kids since she is on their all the time reporting those memes and posting #tbt pics of herself from the 80's.

Dh said he hadn't heard from her but called a day later. He said "mil says she has been posting on the pics but someone keeps erasing them". I explain that only she or I can erase her comments in my pics and I haven't received a notification regarding any posts.

A few days later I ask what's up with his mom because I can still sense a disturbance in the force. He says, "mil thinks you don't like her because you never comment on her pics"

Wtf. Seriously?

I don't have time to comment on her weekly attention-seeking photos if her 30 years ago in a mini skirt nor do I have time to comment in her replaying of sayings about "put you're self first or no one will" or "I'm not an option"

This is not the first time their has been a Facebook issue with mil either.

High school anyone?


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Facebook = Histrionic Heaven

People like that are too petty to be in your world, darlin'. Smile

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I don't even have a FB page, it just seems like most people use it to exploit themselves. :sick:

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I agree. I try and keep the relatives around and invite them over but I think I'm done. The invites are never reciprocated

Dh certainly won't be inviting anyone over.

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Mil is extremely self-absorbed. Dh has spent a good portion of his adult life having no contact with her.
The woman has never had a job and lives off of alimony.

Oh. And she didn't call me on her bday "because she's very wrapped up in her own problems right now"

Wow. Ok.

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I've had one since 2006 and have ever had any issues - except with dh's family.

I think it's silly and I carry on. I've just never dealt with such immaturity as an adult as I have since being with dh - both with his family and bm. (Bm is actually very much like mil - which makes me understand why dh Married her- self absorbs, victim, poor me, narcissistic, no job, no education..)

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Just comment on her pics of her from the 80s in her mini skirt and poofed up hair and blue eye shadow to make her happy! LOL Just teasing... Ummm yeah WOW not sure what to say about that. Sounds like a pretty stupid reason to be upset.

Do you think she is leaving comments on your pics and they are being erased? or did she just say that?

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I pulled the ultimate middle school move and {gasp} unfriended MIL from FB 2 weeks ago. She apparently noticed right away as I got a notice that she was "following" me, so I got all middle school again, and changed my settings so I can't have followers.

MIL is too chicken shit to come out and ASK me why I unfriended her two faced, hypocritical ass, so my middle school antics have earned me some much deserved peace and quiet from MIL nonsense.

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This reminds me... I tried to make a "family" group at one time to share / not share specific pics with family. I didn't do it right and within a week dh said mil was bugging him because I wasn't posting enough pics of baby. I eventually figured out what I did and even sent a not apologizing and explaining (on dh's urging)

I told him at that time that if mil had any issues or concerns with me, I wouldn't be addressingn then unless she came to me (not dh).

Silence as usual. And she's had several issues since then.

She's drama. She's always gossiping about someone on the family and / or mad at them.

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She's drama. She's always gossiping about someone on the family and / or mad at them.

This is my MIL exactly. I'm sure my unfriending her just gave her some juicy gossip to chitty chat about on her gossip gravy train that rolls through her house every day. Glad I could be of help to her!

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Oh trust me. I see ALL of her posts and her comments on other people's postings.

So far in the last 24 hours I've seen:

Pray hardest when it's hardest to pray
God's Angels are with you loving and praying for you
Don't give up the beginnings are the hardest
I didn't change. My priorities did

... actually there are several others, but I don't have time to keep posting them... not to mention her pics of herself she posts.

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That is nuts. No, no one does that. You would pick up the phone and call your kids. DUH.
What is it about technology that makes a MIL's intelligence fly out the window?

SO's mother is friends with BM on Facebook. One day, BM publicly bashed SO...even going as far as mentioning his mother in the status update. MIL saw it and told my SO about it. The next week on SD's birthday, BM put up a "happy birthday" message to her young child - for attention-seeking reasons, presumably - and MIL actually replied to the status update wishing the child (who can't even read!) a happy birthday! ...after she just celebrated the child's birthday 48 hours before! :?

Let me get this straight, MIL...a psycho with a known personality disorder who has threatened and harassed you in the past year, can talk crap about both your son and YOU one week and the next week you're falling for her shameless "look-at-me" tactic? Do I really need to define "enabling abuse" and "loyalty" for you, MIL? Because I thought you were pretty smart, but these actions reek of ignorance considering the gravity of the situation with BM. Grrr.

(Ahhh, I've been holding that in for so really felt good to type it all out. Keyboard therapy! Thank y'all.)

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Lol .I blocked the bm of my skids on my fb simple as that.she dont know anyway that I have a facebook in the first place but before that I already blocked her so I have peace of mind.BM is not really good she said a lot about me but I dont legal wife husband divorce her cuz she's gamble no time for her family.she always want money money .damn lady lol.she told the kids that I already use all her retirement share of her ex husband .idiot she her mind is in turture now.