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Like mother, like daughter!

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So on Sunday BF & I took the kids to the park next to our house, like around 3:00pm BM's mother picks them up(like always BM's parents do her part}. Yesturday SD10 tells me her Nana(BM's mom} told SD & SS6, "Why did you hug & kiss the three cows?" (meaning my BF, his older sister & myself) That stupid old hag!!!
SD said, "Nana even called my mom and told her that me & my brother kissed the three cows." Wow, how childish is this old lady!? Really?!! I told SD, "That's very childish." Sd told me she told her Nana, "That's really mean & SM & my Dad never talk about you. (Hell yea we do just never infront of skids lol!) It made me really mad but i acted like i didn't care & had a great time with my skids yesturday. Smile

I'm trying so hard to keep my cool but with this 2 B*tches(BM & her mom) it's going to be hard! Ughhhh!!!!