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Moving, need advice!

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So FH got offered an amazing job, the only problem is it is on the East Coast. Currently we live on the West Coast in the same small town as BM. Due to recent events in court we have managed to obtain custodial custody of SD3. We have her 75% of the time. How will our moving affect this in court? Is there a way that BM could prevent us from moving? Does it help that we are moving for better job opportunities and to be in a better school district? The move will not happen for another seven months so we have time to work things out in court if needed.


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What does it say in divorce papers? Most of the time says you can't move without permission of other parent or at least take the child with you. Most times you need permission.

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and researched, you have to provide the same amount of time with the kid. Since you have 75% custody, this should be easy to do on school breaks and summer. I suggest you get an attorney and go ahead and go to court about it. You will have to have the custody agreement changed to allow for the move. You CANNOT just move. And you HAVE to be reasonable with the visitation (i.e. you pay for the flights/travel) otherwise a judge will tell you N-O.

Be prepared to provide documentation on where skid will be going to school, where you will be living and how this move will benefit skid (better school, more money for the family, etc.)

BM tried to take SD's and move a few states away last year, so I have looked into this a lot. She backed down when DH told her hell to the no and told her she would have to pay for all their travel to see him every long weekend/summer. She thought she could move, make us pay full CS and all their travel too. WRONG!

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