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Son of a biscuit eating bulldog! (OT)

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DH took a contract out of state. It was supposed to end a few months ago but they retained him with a large raise. I decided to move me and DD out to his state until we decide where to go next. I've been packing, cleaning and decluttering for a month. Yesterday we started packing the uhaul. Today DD's damned cat got out and hasn't come home. Tomorrow we leave. FFS.. this is almost the worst thing that could happen. Pray for my daughter's chunky little cat that she doesn't become a raccoon's dinner.  


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Kitty will return home in time unscathed for the move.  I had to get a tile for my younger male cat.  He wears it around his flea collar...looks like a tie.

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Sounds absolutely adorable. Little safety manager business cat. I think I might make her start wearing a collar and tag.. good idea, thank you

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Put her litter box and food and water outside

Put any bedding or even something of your daughter's outside.

Cats don't act like dogs when they get - their first instinct is to hide. Look close to your house anywhere she can hide, under the porch or a bush, inside a garage or shed, etc. Keep moving farther away and checking. Calling probably won't work, but try it at night.

Good luck.

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Stayed up til almost 2am calling for her and watching the doors. Fat little butthead sauntered in with her tail at full mast at 515 when DH left to go play citizen soldier. She's real pleased with herself and is smugly rolling around where everyone can see her. She's been getting real cocky since the dogs went to stay with DH a few months ago. Just wait til she gets out in our yard there.. lol.. the dogs have the full run of our property and can round her up even if she walks out the front door. Little jerk.