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Bass ackwards logic

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DH complains sometimes about the effort it took to teach SD to not be afraid of dogs. When she was a little tyke she had a friend who was hysterically terrified of dogs and SD picked it up from her. DH has actually said “I wish she was never friends with that kid because of that.” 

OT- undermining

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When BS18 was young, he needed very strict instructions and boundaries. There were many times that older women would criticize me or look at me odd for my rigid insistence. I assumed it was because I was so young, myself, and was overly strict.

OT- blowing off steam

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kill me. I’m sure you all know i have little patience for bullish!t. For some reason I was stupid enough to volunteer to organize a pancake breakfast instead of going to the local comic con this weekend. So far people (mostly the same two, who did none of the work for this so far) have bitched about:

-lack of blueberries in the pancakes (that haven’t been cooked yet)

- The lack of food options at the 30 minute PANCAKE breakfast, prompting me to agree to hardboiled eggs

-the fact that I purchased kosher prepared eggs instead of spending hours making them myself

OT- Wish me luck

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I moved to live with DH about 5 weeks ago. Been submitting my resume to any job that could possibly use my skill set. Today I finally got a nibble and was invited to a pre-interview skills test (weird one about attention to detail and interpreting convoluted instructions). I just completed it and am hoping for an interview. It's the only position so far that is actually what Ive been doing the past few years.

OT-Tone Check

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My aggressively unlikable 18 year old is staying at a homeless shelter. I am taking a letter to him from a possible great job opportunity (don't know if it's an offer or rejection). I'm making a packet of papers for him that will include the letter, subway coupons and 20 bucks from DD7 and a note with my phone number and "your sister wants to see you". Before I drop this off, does any of that seem manipulative and harsh? I do t want to seem like I am trying to guilt him, I'm just trying to pass on a message since he doesn't call or email.

Disney Stepdad

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DH is on my last raw nerve. My BS18 is a complete butthead right now. He's rude, obstinate, lazy, refuses to take his meds, find a new therapist or go to orthodontist appointments. He got banned from his high school campus the last few weeks and then kicked out of the trade school he got into. I told him he either plays by my rules or he's on his own. He told me to go f*ck myself. He's at a homeless shelter now, refused to find a job for the month we paid his rent.

Son of a biscuit eating bulldog! (OT)

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DH took a contract out of state. It was supposed to end a few months ago but they retained him with a large raise. I decided to move me and DD out to his state until we decide where to go next. I've been packing, cleaning and decluttering for a month. Yesterday we started packing the uhaul. Today DD's damned cat got out and hasn't come home. Tomorrow we leave. FFS.. this is almost the worst thing that could happen. Pray for my daughter's chunky little cat that she doesn't become a raccoon's dinner.  

Creepy Stories

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There are way too many stories on here right now about sexual flirtation between stepdads and skids. They all have poor spelling, questionable grammar, weird facts and unlikely storylines. I am seriously creeped out that we might be unwilling participants in some pervert's fantasy.

Found my dying hill

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I've been married to DH for almost 8 years. Ive put up with him being gone for work 90% of that time, his mother's insanity, the skids' crap attitudes, and being tied down to BM's house and his aggressive dogs. I've cheerfully deflected all the jerks in our community who call him an absentee father and look at me with pity because he was never there for BM, too. I bend over backwards to foster a deep and meaningful relationship between him and DD7. 

OT- MIL vent (again??!!??)

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My MIL watches my house with all the diligence and fervor of a Soviet spy. She even has binoculars and emails reports to my DH! Lately, she waits until I am mowing the lawn and pops up either at the fenceline with step-dog (see past post) and talks loudly to her hoping to get my attention or just wanders into my front yard, laughing, because "the dog wanted to come over". Not only does this infuriate my dogs, it has been making me increasingly anxious. She's deliberately burned her bridges with me and is now testing boundaries, again, figuratively and literally.