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And sometimes it is all worth it.

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And so, my husband is a stepfather, who honestly loves his stepson.  Truly loves his stepson and his soon to be daughter-in-law.  

Unfortunately he has had to give up the relationship with his own children because his exwife was so terrible he couldn't have a relationship with his kids.  It is ironic because they all though it was because of me. lol, as if I had that much control. 

Nope, for all you stepmoms. My husbands kryptonite is our daughters who look just like him.  :)


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I get the sentiment of this, but it rubs me wrong. It feels similar to "well, at least you still have other kids" when one dies. While, ultimately, this situation wasn't a bad outcome (and excellent for you - husband, 3+ kids that are either his or that he treats as his own), your DH still lost his other kids. Even if he is okay now, I doubt it was "worth it". It just didn't suck so bad after all.

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That is a shame about his bio children but wonderful to hear that you guys have a great dynamic.  In my posts I do vent a great deal for sanity's sake but I can honestly say I love my StepSons, my special needs sister in law and couldn't do without them.  Here it is just more trying to change behaviors.

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For a parent to lose a child - whether it be to death, or alienation.

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I am glad that  you husband is still able to parent his other bios and SS but at the end of the day, his heart is still missing a big piece. There is no real solace for that, even if he puts on a strong face for you. 

Try and be understanding when he isn't over the moon when the first grandbabies come for your bio. I am sure he will be thinking about missing this time with his bios...