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Ah HA!

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So. SD 10 decided she wanted to show her ass again tonight. I asked her why her chores weren't done and she started in with the whiny mouthy BS she's know for I told her to go to her room I'm in no mood to deal with her crap tonight so she gets about 3 steps away from me and starts her banshee screaming throwing things hissy fit right as DH stepped out of the bedroom I didn't say a word and let her back right into him. Lord the look on her face was PRICELESS! DH told her to get her ass in her room NOW and walked out to where I was and I told him "THIS is the kind of shit I put up with when your not here and I'm sick of it, YOU deal with it" and stepped outside. Now he sees WHY I refer to her as "rhesus monkey" because she likes to start flinging shit when she gets mad. So at the moment DH and rhesus are inside and I am enjoying my little moment of "told you so"