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BM calls about SM


So DH is out of town working, 4 hours from us, so he's staying there during the week. And coming home on the weekends if he can. The weekends he can't make it home, he's asked me and our baby to come up and stay with him, which we have.

Anyways, BM apparently calls DH and tells him that SHE is receiving calls looking for "SM previous name" and to let me know they are calling her ALOT.

First off, how would they associate BM and ME, we have never lived in the same town, or the same house. Secondly, they are calling BM asking for me with my previous last name, I dont buy it. I think MIL told BM that she was receiving calls because I used her address previously while our house was being built. So now BM is calling saying that she is getting calls.

I told MIL how to handle this people, they are just old collectors looking for me for my exH. Just tell them "wrong number".

Anyways, BM says she tells these people that "sm oldname" is her exH's new wife. Really, wth, so you want them to keep calling you. If you were so bothered by this you would have said I don't know her, wrong number or the similiar.

I still think that BM is making this up. I blocked her around thanksgiving, she can't call or text me and I think she's figured that out. F HER!!!

If you don't want anyone to think we may be related Jabba-the-slut, change your last name back to your ACTUAL last name, not your ex-H's. And I don't want to hear the excuse she is keeping it for the kids, because she had a baby out of wedlock that has another last name than her and his kids.

These BM's are a piece of work. I am staying clear of MIL/FIL and BM, plus any of DH's so called friends, they are bunch of idiots.



I've been married to DH for 2 years almost, this is the first time they are calling her. Secondly why would they use my old name. I looked up my old name and she isn't related, neither is my DH.

I just don't buy it. She finds reasons to call him, now that he's finally done what I've asked and NOT TALK to HER EVERYNIGHT.

I asked him to talk directly to the SD's since OSD got a cell, last year for her birthday.


We have never used the same address. Seriously, DH moved in with me. Never even lived in the same town that they lived in when they were married or near her now.

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Honestly, I looked into going back to my maiden name since I'm a widow and my bios are grown. The cost was about $250.


That's insane. Her in the US all she has to do is go to the social security administration with her divorce papers and they will change it for FREE.

I know when I was in the process of divorce, I was going to go back to my maiden name and SSA told me it would be free because it was already my name.

I am not sure where you are.

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We got get calls for a Ex-SIL all the time. I give her number. Never knew her, she never lives in this state. They have been divorced 20 years.

They will call anyone they can find. Honestly, I am surprised, she has not given your info out. I would if it was a new wife and I was a bitch...I did it when BM's timeshare people called here. I gave them three numbers, email and address and had a good time doing it. We have to get our kicks somewhere...


Trust me if someone was calling her, she'd give them my number. So that's another reason I know it's not true. Plus the people who supposedly are calling, I've never heard of, I've had the same phone number for 20 years, yes 20 years, it's my cell phone and I haven't changed it, not ONCE.

Like I said, I think she tried to text or call me and found out she couldn't, so she thought she'd stir up some shit with DH.

I told DH, tell her to change her name if she didn't want to be associated with me, because "UMMM I AM YOUR WIFE".

I know I'm being a big Bitch but it's always some petty shit she tries to start.

I have at least 20 calls a month, wrong numbers, I either don't answer, send to VM or tell them wrong number. Done and Done.