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Meddling Ex

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Well, my boyfriend's daughter came as scheduled yesterday afternoon after summer school. She stormed into the house, could barely say hello (only after her father asked if she was going to say hello) went in her room and pouted. My daughter passed her driver's test and came home. The daughter then sprang alive and went to the store with my daughter (again, against my wishes - she is supposed to be grounded). Well, I was out mowing the lawn and the exwife called my boyfriend and tried to tell him that his daughter couldn't understand why he was extending her punishment for another two weeks (she told my boyfriend she thought she should have further punishment). My boyfriend then told her not to interfere with his discipline - she claimed not to be - but then why question what he did? She then told my boyfriend that she was going to a graduation party on Saturday and was going to take his daughter with her (again, it's our weekend and she would never, ever allow us to take her on her weekend - not to mention she is supposed to be grounded). So you see the exwife is still trying to call all the shots from the sidelines. She just can't seem to be a parent and not a friend and she can't seem to share her daughter with her father.


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Hi smcpaw,
Well, first of all, you should have known, that the SD wouldn't arrive without pouting. But the ex shouldn't be allowed to take the daughter on your husband's visitation weekend without his okay. So, after that, it's up to him. And if he doesn't do anything, it's his fault. If the ex shows up to take the daughter, and your boyfriend tells her she can't go, then the answer is no. If she insists, call the police. It'll only go so far. Good luck and hang in there. We're all in the same boat--it's called MISERY.