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Skids and Pet Peeves

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Do you have any pet peeves the SKids do that drive you up a wall.   Not that they are doing it intentionally but just their habits and actions make you cringe??

My YSS does something that makes my skin crawl.  I have to fight the urge to scream at the top of my lungs for him to STOP!!  

He slurps and smacks his mouth every time he eats.  Doesn’t matter what it is he is eating...he does it EVERY time.

if he is eating cereal or spaghetti he makes horrible slurping sounds that make my ears bleed.   If he is eating anything else he eats with his mouth wide open and you caN hear the food smacking around in his mouth with wet loud smacks.   

Sometimes I stare at him when he is doing it and cont to 10 so I calm down and don’t grab his plate of food and fling it across the room.

i did gently comment about it to him a long time ago and he just got all butt hurt and started saying my BS does the same thing.   And yes, he used to do that also.  Not as loud and often but it drove me nuts also.   I would also correct him every time until he became self aware of it. 

Really I am just venting since I had to endure YSSs insane slurping.  

Have a great hump day !


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Both SSons will touch or put their hands through their hair at the dinner table. 

SS22 doesn't blow his nose and will suck the snot back in his noise incessantly when sick.

SS17 uses 4 or 5 sheets of kleenex at one time. He goes through a box of kleenex a week. BUT at least he's using kleenex, and thanks be to Costco! Without Costco I wouldn't be able to supply him with kleenex.


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My sds do the same with their hair. DH never says a word....even at a restaurant they will put their hair up in a pony tail at the table. Gross 

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My DH can't eat soup without slurping.. I have pointed it out to him.. but he seems incapable of stopping it.  It's weird.. he really doesn't intend to bug me... and I know he would stop if he could.

My Skids?  

Well.. while it can be amusing at times.. my YSD can be a bit of a pot disturber.. and she doesn't keep secrets well.

My OSD?  she always rubbed me more the wrong way... she has little "tics" sometimes... and she is a very vain/materialistic person and pretty judgemental about it.. I don't like that a bit.

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Yikes, SM12,

Both my SS and SD, back in the day, would 'schmeck' while eating. The sound was a cross between a slurp and a smack; so very insalubrious to a SM whose plate would have been removed, had she made those disgusting noises in her own youth.

The more that I was forced to hear the step's unsavoury clamour, the less tolerant I became. Because I 'd begun to wince when the 'schmecking' began, the steps caught on to my discomfort and ramped up the mealtime noises until they became a veritable opera of dining dysfunction.

It was not until I began to eat my meals either before or after I 'd served the piggies, that DH got the message and laid down some rules for dining comportment. 

Vent on, Hon! Poor table manners are an issue with me as well. I'm convinced that the inability of a child to conduct him/herself acceptably at table constitutes a glaring, parental failure.


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Have you ever met an adult that eats like this? It amazes me that some professionals don't know how to conduct themselves at a lunch. The worst example was a woman who had a whole ritual to eating sushi including taking it apart, filling it with wasabi and putting it back together before eating. Not only is it disrespectful to the chef but it's also disrespectful to other diners and a complete distraction to what should have been a business lunch.

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My SD divides all her food into a good and bad part. It could be chocolate cake and she won't eat it all because some parts are better than others. I understand not eating bread crusts because that is a common one, but she will lick off the icing of a cupcake then throw out the cake part and get another. She will even leaves the edges of a cookie and eat only the middle. She peels grilled sandwiches apart and just eats the inside. At restaurants everything is a goddamn special order. DH is so proud when she talks to waiters to describe a ham sandwich when it's right there on the menu. But she can't just eat the ham she has to take the edges off if it's the right kind of ham. It's disgusting to watch. 

The worst part is that my husband feels the need to eat all her slobber covered leftovers. SD is 11 and he never says a thing about it. She just sits there smacking with one arm up on the table and up like she should be holding a wine glass or something. She will even take a bite in front of a waiter and snobbishly make a "it's ok" face like bitchy dutchess or something. AH!

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My skids are teenagers and therefore do the typical annoying teenager-y things. Leaving their boulder-sized backpacks in the middle of the floor. Hoarding dirty dishes and empty water bottles in their basement bedrooms. I have literally found mouse sh*t all over SD17s bed because she left food laying around for so long. Then there's the MOUNTAINS of shoes that seem to follow them like tumbleweeds whenever they come over. Seriously, WHO NEEDS THAT MANY SHOES?! There are no less than 7 pairs laying askew all over our entrance room - and those are just SS16s! They leave lights on all over the place. Wet towels on the dirty bathroom floor (because I REFUSE to clean their bathroom). SD17 has piles of dirty clothes stacked in her closet. 

Like I said - typical teenager stuff but annoying all the same. However, I think one of the worst is when they come upstairs right before our young BKs go to bed and rile them up. I swear it only takes 30 seconds for them to go from being laid back and quiet to being wound like a 10 day clock. GRR!

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Omg yes!

SD12 climbs on the sitting on the back of the couch or the arm rests...lays across the back and forth on the legs chairs and barstools. She has already broken the legs off of two ottomans by rocking on them. 

SD16 eats like a toddler...she is a junior in high school and she uses her fingers to eat and then has food all over her mouth that she eventually wipes off with her hand or sleeve.

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My OSS thinks that he is smarter than everyone and tries to tell me how to do something all the time or try to say that BM does everything so much better so we should do it how she does it. Neither of the skids brush their teeth. YSS doesn't take a bath or wash his hands. You have to tell him to.

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Ss10 has started making a loud whirring noise wherever we go, on top of everything else 

Rolls around floor like a baby when bored, tired or wanting to outdo bd4

The main one is insisting he is the most privileged and knowledgable person in the world because bm and her bf say so. You can be discussing anything at dinner and he knows better. So me and hubby just sit in silence n occasionally nod until he's effd off to bed before we chat 

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Cracking her knuckles. She will crack the same dang knuckles like 10 times!!!!! During a movie or something.

so...I get up and leave the room. she stops.

#2. She eats with her hands. Spaghetti, rice..all of it. Gross.

#3. Little miss grabby hands cannot keep her hands off of my things  -she touches EVERYTHING.

But otherwise she is the pink of perfection.

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Sniff...snifff...sniff...sniff...sniff .  24/7/365, it goes along with her poopy pouty victim persona

SLAM...SLAM...SLAM...SLAM...SLAM...   Slama-rama, she loves to slam doors.  She's on a top secret mission of the utmost urgency every minute of the day and doesn't have time to be bothered with mundane consideration of others.

"I don't like"/"I don't want" . nonstop.  She doesn't "like" anything and nothing is good enough for her.  She's completely selfish, stubborn, inflexible, entitled.  She'll throw a fit just to see if she can make everyone dance.

She's rude and condescending.  Everything anyone else says/does/wears/thinks is stupid.  But she has skid marks in her underwear.

Vapid and morally bankrupt.  But she loves to post shallow platitudes, like "Don't think, just act."  You know, because that's great advice, and overthinking is totally her problem.

Special accomodations / extenuating circumstances.  She can't accept anything as is.  Everyone does this sometimes, but with her it is 100% of the time and the end in and of itself.  She has to prove to herself and everyone else that's she's special.  She requires a special meal 100% of the time.

No Joie de vivre, lust for life, exhuberance, sense of adventure, sense of wonder, whatever you want to call it.  She's just a turd, plain and simple.