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Oh DH you are out of your mind!

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DH just called and is clearly having a crappy day.   He is all worked up over a text from BM.   She send him a message about YSSs football meeting which is tomorrow.  I knew about the meeting but didn’t say anything to DH because I am disengaged.  Not my kid.   So BM sends him a text about the meeting.  It starts at 6 but he doesn’t get off work until 6 and the meeting is 30 minutes from his job.   He is upset that she didn’t tell him sooner...SMH!!  Then he has the brilliant idea that just to get back at her he will have me go to the football meeting and sit until he gets there!  

That man has lost his mind.  It is almost comical how stupid this all is.   I told him not a chance in hell was I going to that football meeting.  

DH could ask to get off 30 minutes early or he can get there

when he gets there.  The fact that it has been posted online for days about the meeting is not BMs fault and she didn’t have to tell him about it anyway.  He is grown and can figure this stuff out himself.   Good lord I just can’t dea with him today!!


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Yeah.. haha.. YOU don't go.. that's for sure.  I don't know what it is about these guys that want to rely on everyone else to keep up with their obligations.  Why would BM have to contact him?  If he wanted to go.. then he should have been on top of it. 

Besides.. do parents really need to be at these things?  Unless BM can't be there.. I would just let her handle this.  It's not a game or anything where the kid is going to perform.  Both parents there will most likely just make things awkward.

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For the love of all that is holy, do NOT go in DH’s place as  a temporary fill-in.

This is one of the funniest expectations I’ve read on here in awhile.


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I didn’t even give DH the chance to get the whole request out of his mouth before I said NO!!!  He said he will just go to the meeting late.  


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LMAO! But! You have a vagina....doesn't that mean you want to fall all over yourself to take care of skid and anything that has to do with skid??

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After his insane phone call and request about me attending the meeting I will admit to being a slight shit. I text him asking if he was on the schools social media page because the meeting info was on there since last week.  Hahah. He didn’t respond to that question.  

In fact, I saw the notice about the meeting and even asked him.more than once when football starts.  He would just say “probably next week”.   Ok...I guess looking it up or asking the school would be too difficult???  And the fact he is on social media all

tne freaking time yet missed that post is bull crap.

Regardless....SM12 will not be attending that meeting.

I actually am planning a spa evening!

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It’s everyone fault but DH.  Maybe DS should of told him. About the meeting.  

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YSS is old enough to pass on info.  However he has the same attitude as DH,  it’s everyone else’s responsibility....

i cant stomach BM but I hate to say I am on her side with this one.   It’s not her job to tell him anything