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Miserable BMs created misery

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My SSs BM must be the most miserable person on earth.  She wants nothing more than to be nasty and PA.   Last week she got snarky with DH for missing a jr high football game.  DH was helping our dear friends whose child had just been severely injured and needed immediate modifications to their home so the child could get in the house.  She blasted DH for missing a game when DH had explained why he would be fine to YSS.  Since BM has zero friends, she wouldn’t understand what it means to help someone in need.  And the only time DH could help was during the game as they were on a time crunch.    YSS and our friends child are friends and YSS was very concerned for her so he was absolutely fine with DH helping. 

After the text exchange in which I put BM in her place (with DHs permission and speaking as him) she backed off, for a few days.  

However, just last night she had YSS call DH and have him go out and buy him a Plain T-shirt and bring it to him right away.  This was 8:45 pm.   BM refuses to go do it and insisted it was DHs responsibility even though we didn’t have YSS.    

This is just her PA way of being a arse because She was made to feel like a jerk for being upset when DH helped a friend.   BM and her SOmhave NO friends period.  Only family who they do everything with.  Two elderly parents and elderly aunts.   

She has to be the most miserable person on earth to want to try and make us miserable.  DH and I are actually very happy and never do things on purpose to make BM angry.  She doesn’t enter our minds at all until she likes at us.   

Sadly I have recently been told by the parents of YSSs classmate that none of the parents like it trust BM and her SO.  She said they are only polite to them out of wanting to avoid their cut throat behavior.  They have all seen what happens when BM and her SO target someone.  Coaches have been fired because of their  complaints and other parents made outcasts.  It’s sad. Such miserable people!


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Our Bm, I call her Toxic Troll, acts so viciously, she has lost most of her friends to DH. She gets toxic and jealous, and her mean and nasty side comes out and people just leave her because of it.

Im 5 years in, and its been constant lashing out, whenever she doesnt get what she wants. She even accused DH of being abusive and hitting her. His response was simply, "no, you were drunk, tried to punch me, so I pushed you away..."

These abusive narcissistic disordered people make me sick. I dont hate anyone, but I despise Toxic Troll. And her eldest daughter is JUST like her too. So now her misery has company, as they live together.

Sounds like your DH is much like mine - lends a helping hand to everyone. Everyone loves my DH, and that makes me very happy. His ex, used to hate that about him - it would make her angry.

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we are very blessed with a. Amazing group of friends.   BM hates that because she has no one.  She used to have the kids send DH nasty messages anytime she would see us out enjoying time with our friends.  Anytime we did anything fun she would start drama and try to ruin it.  I finally had DH block her on all social

media because that is how she was finding out what we were doing.  That stopped the drama, unless she finds out what we do otherwise. 

I let DH handle it 99% of the time.  This last incident I couldn’t let go by without letting her have it.  I was stressed and worried about our dear friends child and would have moved mountains for them.  To have BM bash us for it sent me over the edge.  

 Is I’m back to disengaging from her drama.  Only 6 more years of this crap and she can go fly a kite.

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a month ago, Toxic Troll 'trolled' DH on Instagram. He was shocked, and po'ed. He asked her to "unfollow him please", and then when he got home I showed him how to block her completly. On everything. Because even if they dont follow you they can still "see" you. Facebook too, and shes got around 6 different profiles.

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All you can do is disengage from her drama.  Let DH handle her,  they were married once. So it’s his problem to deal with.  

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Unhappy at life, unsuccessful and just truly shitty pissed off dysfunctional people that it angers them to see how others have a functioning family with love, affection or just normal family dynamics so they need to create drama

their ego needs to be fed by messaging exhubby at late evening demanding the most ridiculous shit.

i mean where i live 9pm shops close on weekdays and if bio mum called me at 8.40pm i’d say this is her responsibility and its absurd her calling me at that time for that. She can go to the shops the following morning

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Sadly BM has YSS call and ask for these ridiculous things. She uses him to get to DH.  DH knows this but struggles telling YSS no because BM will turn YSS against him like she did the older two.  DH is a work in progress.  Luckily YSS isn’t too demanding...yet.   He understands that BM is unreasonable a lot of the time and he verbalized that to us unprovoked.  

I refuse to jump to her demands so I just go about my day without any drama.  

And yes, our little town has few shops and they all close at nine.  Gawd BM is such a biatch