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BM sticks it to herself

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My last blog was about sick YSS and how BM let YSS stay home from school but wouldn’t take him to the doctor.  Instead she sent YSS to our house along with the insurance card and told DH to take him.  When DH reminded BM he had to work the next day, BMs response was that DH better hurry and get him to the clinic that night instead.  So Instead if letting. YSS suffer all night like BM had done all day, DH took him to the clinic.  

Well since BM is the one who carries the insurance, it was her name the bill will go in.   DH made sure of that because last time DH took YSS to the dr they billed DH and BM refused to pay a dime of it.

Yesterday BM sends DH a text along with a picture of the DOctor charged.  It costs over $300 because of the flu tests. BM was livid.  But DH did as he was told and that is where BM insisted YSS go since she was trying to stick it to DH and not take YSS herself.   

DH didn’t even respond to BMs text. Hahaha

Now I have no issues with DH taking YSS to the dr.  I don’t feel that because BM is the mom she should be the one to do it.  What chaps my butt is that

she never takes the kid to the Dr.  she would always let them be sick for days and then spring it on DH when it was his visitation.  BM let YSS stay home from school, she got home from work 2 1/2 hours before DH and she refused to take YSS just so she could screw DH.  

Let that be a costly lesson for you BM.... next

tkme schedule the kid to see his regular doctor and take him.



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I love when DH ignores BM's texts! Smile And she tried this stuff with him when they first got divorced. Luckily she got past it and has been taking SD to the dr whenever needed (if shes sick when she is at BM's)


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I'm confused -  Who is ordered to carry insurance? Do they have to split any uncovered medical bills?  If DH takes him to Urgent Care (I assume) doesn't he have to pay for half of it?  Can't DH take him to his regular doctor as well?

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She is court ordered to carry insurance and she must pay 75% of costs after insurance.   She has screwed DH into paying for half for years.  

Yes DH can take YSS to his Dr.  the problem with that is BM didn’t tell DH how sick YSS actually was until she sent him out the door on a Friday evening after he had been home all day from school.   DH picks YSS up at 7 pm and the clinic closed at 8 and was 30 minutes away. DH couldn’t take YSS the following day, Saturday because YSSs dr was closed so he did what BM told him and took him to the clinic before they closed.   

Since BM forced DH to pay for the entire bill last time she refused to take YSS to the dr (and dropped him off sick) , DH had to pay.  This time the bill will come to BM and he is refusing to pay because she told him where to go and it’s her fault it won’t be covered by their insurance.

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Ugh. I hate when BM does this! She used to call and schedule appointments on Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to make DH take SS11. Of course he started to cancel them or just not show. She got tired of the fees and stopped that real quick! Idiots

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I swear DH took all the SSs to the dentist every single time because BM scheduled their appointments on DHs day off.   And personally I think my DH should do his share, but BM always manages to find a way to get out of doing her share