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When HCBM shows true colors

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Preaches communcation and complains when I don't address her. Only to show her arse; we both volunteer for SD's school. I remain in the background doing all the IT/social media stuff. It's where I can help and allow space for SD's HCBM and DH to volunteer for their own kiddo. Unfortunately some of HCBM's duties and I overlap and communication needs to be sent to the whole group.  

The group being the principal, PTO president, chairpeople for specific sent to all about the fundraising.  HCBM removes me from her reply all to the group.  Chairperson re-adds me to the group conversation. 

Go ahead and make yourself look like the arsehole.*mosking*


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tell me you're petty without actually saying it.....

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Oh, yeah. The answer is Yes to HCBM's question AITA. Not that she'd ever think to ask that question...

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PS congrats on mod!