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Wedding Weekend from hell!

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And it wasn't even my wedding - it was BM's! Some how I new this weekend was going to be a train wreck but it was weirder than I thought it would be. It started when BM set her wedding date a long time ago but any one with a calender could have told her that it wasn't her weekend to have the boys. Of course4 she wanted them there just not the WHOLE time. Smile But let's not get ahead of our selves.

It started Friday:

On Friday SS4 was scheduled to get his shots - the ones that he needed in order to start school NEXT week. The ones he didn't get back in June because BM took him and he cried so she left. (why she waited so long to reschedule - who really knows) Well BF had to work - he had already taken off earlier in the week for a different appointment. I told him to be prepare for BM to stall. She called in the morning to see if BF was going to get off and then told him that they wouldn't do the shot unless they had a doctor's note - BM said she had a call into the doctor's office but it might not happen today. BF called me upset - he really wants SS4 to start school. I txt him the number of the place that is doing the shots, he calls... They said they would do them but they would LIKE a doc note. So BF calls BM and of course she doesn't answer leaves her a message - he CAN get the shots today with out a doctor's note. I was watching SS$ and BM finally comes by to get him but she was with her mom (who lives way out of town) so I know she wasn't even at work, like she told BF she was. They leave and come back like an hour and half later. I knew SS4 would cry and not want to leave BM and had made up my mind not to push it. SS4 would rather be with push over mom than me - I take it as a complement.

BM wrestles SS4 out of the car as her Mother comes up to me and asks if it's okay if she drives around with him for awhile. I say sure - after all not going to fight with them. You could see BM didn't want to do that, I am sure she had some wedding stuff to do. Her mother asked me when BF would be home I just shrugged, who knows, 5 or 6 maybe. BM lets go and SS4 runs back to car, she talked with her mom for a minute and asked if she could bring him in, I said yes. BM brought him in screaming, tries to comfort him , more screaming. Her mother informs me to have BF call her - she look ticked. BM hands me a juice bottle and tells me that she put Motrin in it to make sure he drinks it. I say okay then I offer to told SS4 while they leave. BM agrees and I ask if she is still coming to get the boys at 2 for the wedding, she asks if 3 is okay, I agree and they leave. I tell SS4 to go to his room until he is done crying, 5 mins later no tears. SS4 doesn't want the full juice bottle so I put it in frig and pour him a dose from the Motrin bottle we have. I txt BM and pic for prove he's fine and I get "That made my night, the boys are lucky to have you as a step mom". (gag)

I tell BF to call BM's mom when he gets home I warn him that she sounded/act pissed. He tried to call her 2 times and no answer. Gives up.


We get the boys bathed and ready to go - BM's mom and step dad (who is a really nice guy) show up to pick the boys up at 3:30 - no BM like she said, but whatever. BM's mom is still acting upset, wouldn't even look at BF accept to ask for socks. Her step dad thanks us and promises to bring the boys back personally, around 8.

They bring the boys back at 8:30, by now ss4 is beat. He is whining for 'bed' so we go in and put him right to bed. BM's mom is still snippy and says something about bringing a watch over tomorrow that ss6 had. BF was like sure whatever.


BM's mom never shows up - thank god. We drop the boys off on time at BM's house. Her family is there but her new husband is no where to be seen. You would think they would be together the day after getting married. Of course BF and I say NOTHING about the wedding, no congrats no gifts. It has nothing to do with us, Smile Waiting for BM to melt down and be mad about that.

So now here we are, BM's mom never got to talk to BF about whatever it was that she was upset about, we think it was something stupid and BM's step dad but the hault to it, he seems like a responsible guy.

I told BF that things had been nice lately, I hope that it doesn't change. BM may have been over whelmed with the new job and wedding, to busy to pick fights, but now... Please tell me it wasn't just that.


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I would love to b ur skids BM if u b mine. Lol. Even today when we dropped them off BM looked unhappy. I told BF she just got married shouldn't she b happy?